Bike clearout: Litespeed t5g, Wilier Jaroon+ >>> price drop

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  • All three are in XL, should fit anyone over 6'2".

    1. El Mariachi £350 sold
      I am going to regret this but needs must. Whats included: frame, og fork, firestarter fork, Thomson seat post, bb, -1 degree angle set, frame bag. Last El made in Ox Platinum tubing. The comfiest steel bike I have ever ridden.

    2. Willier Jaroon+ £1500
      Gravel/Monster Cross/Drop bar 29er+. It rides as good as it looks. Did some long miles of gravel, forest paths, and single track on it. Doubles as a sweet bikepacking rig. Sram Rival 1, Apex mech, NX cranks, Thomson Stem and seatpost, BlueFlow carbon rims laced to hope pro 4.

    3. Litespeed T5G £2000
      Perfect gravel bike. Full ultegra hydro, brand new Stayer rims laced to hope pro 4, EC90 SLX bars, EC70 seatpost.

  • Dibs on the salsa - if it can be set up SS and if it fits me!

    P.S. hope you’ll have some bikes left after selling all these...

  • Sick bikes!

  • It has EBB, I did run it SS for a while. You need red locktite for that tho. Was about to strip it down, but if you want to come over have a go at it I'll keep built up.

    I'll have a bike once all these are gone.

  • Cool. Are you riding it on a badger trip?

  • No, I'll be on something else.

  • The mystery thickens

  • Also interested in the salsa if @platypus decides against it!

    Other bikes look great too, I’m glad they are too rich for me...

  • There always must be a bike in pitHQ

  • Surly Sunrise bars suit that salsa well. I have a set. Will chuck them in for £50.

  • Hopefully third in line for the El Mariachi.

  • @pit pulled up on that El Mariachi when he kindly dropped something off to me recently. Superb looking bike! GLWS.

  • Ditto. It’s rad. Wish I was a little bit taller...

  • Would you sell the sunrises by themselves?

  • wish you were a baller?

  • Yeah. Just took them off the bike.

  • I wish I had a girl on the phone, I would call her.

  • Any chance you’d sell the stayer wheels separately if so how much would you be looking for? Thanks, Ben.

  • Will split only if the frameset sells first.
    It'll be something like this:
    £900 for frame, fork, CK hs, hope bb
    £700 for the wheels
    £375 for groupset
    £200 for finishing kit

  • Undibs on the salsa - not enough time to try it!

  • I'll be stripping the Salsa today.

  • Curious to see what's coming next

  • It took over a dozen of 80-100 mile long offroad rides to hammer the idea of suspension into my brain. It'll most likely be Canyon Lux. But first I have to sell these bikes.

  • It'll most likely be Canyon Lux

    Chronicles are going to be a tight fit on that ;-)

  • Guess I'll have to mod the frame :p


Bike clearout: Litespeed t5g, Wilier Jaroon+ >>> price drop

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