All these bloody framebuilders eh

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  • Got started on a set of forks for the tracklocross bike. Made a set of dropouts from what i thought was 4130 and bodged the jig onto my framejig. Mitred up the legs and was all going well til i tried to tack it. Something about the dropout steel was just awful to weld, puddle all squigley flying around. So didnt bother going any further, no point trying to weld against the odds. Ive bought some dropouts and will continue when they arrive

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  • .

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  • also using a wishbone for the disc road bike so have welded that up. In the end i decided to not do an isp for it, at some point ill wanna travel with it and the isp is just too impractical. Will get a nice seatpost and i think itll be cool. Made it a bit more compact that i usually would, hopefully looks a bit more modern

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  • Also bought this cute little oxygen concentrator to see if i could use it with the torch, would be nice to not have to buy 02 ever. Its ancient, has 45000 hours of use but it was 40 quid so cant really complain.

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  • The o2 concentrator has a really star wars droid thing about it, im hoping it comes to life at some point and it can be my workshop sidekick like luke and r2

  • Great work, I’m looking forward to seeing the fork with those huge tubes as well as the next iteration of your road bikes.

    Can’t recommend Max’s work highly enough to anyone who is in the market for a custom frame, really fantastic workmanship - and it also helps that he lives round the corner from me!

  • Great stuff as usual. Loving the repair on the cotic.

    Keep us updated with the oxygen machine, interested to hear how that goes.

  • Yeah, one day when I grow up I hope to get Max to make me a custom frame!

  • Thanks for the kind words! im excited to see yours all together soon!

  • Thanks:) yeah should be interesting, i just need to find an appopriate connector then will see if it works. The unit may need a service as i has a little warning light on, so may look into that.

  • Fascinated to see how the wishbone turns out.

  • yeah should be interesting. I think itll look cool.

  • Im in a bit of an awkwards spot because i cant continue the road frame til i get the dropouts, which are on the way from reset racing, and i dont have all the bits for the upcoming mtb to start that either. So ive started on my next project which is a #tukt cycletruck. Used the chainstays/dropouts that i was gonna use on the roadbike, got them mitred up and welded to the bb. have mitred the seat tube and just need to adjust my jig a bit so that it will accommodate the bend, then will weld that out.

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  • .

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  • Im planning on building a fork and probably a stem for it so will be proper job, hopefully chip away at it over the next month or so

  • Obviously the bikecad drawing is missing the cargo bit off the headtube. I cant figure out how to get that in the drawing

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All these bloody framebuilders eh

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