All these bloody framebuilders eh

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  • @PhilDAS @Tijmen

    Thanks guys! yeah im super happy actually, would really like to get it painted but probably wont happen soon with track, as long as it doesn't rain too much should be fine.

  • That's mega. Which HHV sessions you doing? Be good to see this down there!

  • have my training acc on the 13th then will try and sort out the rest asap. Havent booked anything else yet tho. Are you riding there at some point? would be great to catch up!

  • HHSB>>>>>>

    But for real, that's flippin' nice.

  • I'm doing inters when I can book them and might start with race trying/accreditation. Saturday is a great workout but I'm loving the mid Tuesday or early Friday sessions more whilst my fitness is crap. Hopefully cross paths soon!

  • Awesome, ill sort out my accreditation then im sure ill run into you at some point! :)

  • Thanks!

    HHSB was the inspiration!

  • Cooooool. What are those spokes?

  • Thanks :) theyre (slightly too short) dt champion

  • My thoughts exactly! Great work.

  • Got the disc road bike built up and photographed, pretty happy with it, feels good.

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  • pics

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  • its sparkly but you cant really tell in most of the photos except this one

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  • Really impressive Max!

  • Had a few months off framebuilding sorting out new jigs, among other things. However back to it now with a gravel frame for @DrDave 's dad. Feels good to be building again, very happy with my fixture so far, in particular the separate chainstay jig, it makes such a difference to have.

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  • So far the seat tube and chainstays are welded out, downtube is mitred, just waiting for a top tube to finish out the front end.

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  • moar

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  • This thread is pure golden eye-candy, every time I come here I want to buy frame building equipment! Hopefully within a few years it'll happen.

  • I want to buy frame building equipment

    do it! but be prepared for the endless desire to build a new frame every 2-3 months to change one tiny thing from the last one.

  • have welded out the front end, very happy with it. Just needs a few braze ons, seat tube slot and seat stay bridge now. Will get that done in the next few days then off to paint soon along with the track frame from earlier in the year.

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  • i fully purged this one and it made the welding noticeably smoother. Also got a new gas lens to do this frame and it massively improved the shielding from the old one. Didnt realise it was so clogged. both no8 lenses, cleary the old one was just full of crap.

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  • can see the difference in these two photos. Much more visible haz in the previous frame with the old lens.

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  • .

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All these bloody framebuilders eh

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