All these bloody framebuilders eh

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  • You've surely made some progress. Any updates?

  • I have made progress :)

    The disc road frame i built in the summer has actually been back and finished for ages but ive been waiting on a different wheelset to finish it off, then will take some photos of it. Im pretty happy with how its turned out, hopefully the wheels will turn up this week then i will wait for the sun to appear and get some nice shots of it. I much prefer the colour now, i have a handful of pink bikes now. I'm gonna swap out the headset for a black one, and find some less ugly cages, but otherwise its pretty much there.

    The fabrication side of the cycletruck is pretty much there, i just gotta make the cargo rack/bay but haven't really got anything to make it with. I do have some bits of wood kicking around so may just screw something together for now. However i also don't have the parts to build it up yet so no crazy rush there. I happened to find this fork with a super long steerer on ebay the other day, but want to put a disc/v brake mount on there before riding the bike in anger.

    I've also been experimenting with electro etching designs into bits of stainless to make headbadges. Not really settled on anything yet, but i like the process and will continue to figure things out on that front. I have this logo using my initials that i like quite a lot at the moment.

    The track frame is still sitting on the floor in my workshop, ive still gotta figure out paint and stuff for that, as well as finish off the seatstay bridge.

    Because the track frame is gonna use the fork off my fixed road bike, i picked up this disc fork for the fixed road bike (Big thanks @onyerbike !) I made a little adaptor on the lathe so that i could run it as 12mm axle. I haven't got a wheel for that tho and fancy building up a nice fixed road wheelset for it, and that involves spending so haven't made any progress on that front since.

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  • I am happy with the disc road bike, but its not perfect, i will at some point have to build another one. Probably not that soon tho. I really want to build it for etap, but its so expensive i just cant justify it at the moment, as cool as it would be.

  • Ive also been designing myself a new fixture, dont go lookin too deep its not done yet :)

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  • cowboycad

  • Uni has started up again, so have less time to put into framebuilding for a bit. but ill be done for good in 4 or so months so im excited to get out of education.

    Im planning to build another fixed road bike over the next few weeks, i want to change it up a bit from the last one, means i can use some of the tubes i have kicking around at the moment. Its quite an easy thing to build as well so makes jumping in and out of doing it a bit more manageable as uni gets busier.

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  • I've been slowly working on a new jig for @PhilDAS , very close to Cobra's first jig with a vertical headtube just like yours. What's your plan for the swiveling seattube clamp? We've been thinking about having some lasercut, might be worthwhile to join forces? I really like your toploaded main beam rather than mounting everything on the side of it, should make binding much less of an issue. Much time has been spent wrapping my head around the Bosch Rexroth range, not as much time in CAD.

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  • I did also wonder about the merits of a an S shaped jig for minimal footprint. Space is of a premium for me

    This but with fixed HT angle

  • Nice one, this is my plan for the seat tube angle adjustment. It might be massively overcomplicating it, but i think it will be nice to use. Its an m8 threaded rod that draws the seat tube arm towards and away from the main body, changing the angle. I havent put it in yet, but ill have some sort of analogue readout somewhere to display the angle.

    It would be awesome to get some stuff laser cut if we can figure out some designs etc.

    I really wanted to make access as good as possible with this jig so i put it all on top as you said. It also makes it a bit more rigid i think, and reduces the cumulative error from stacking the beams. On the first jig i built i made it similar to yours, but i felt like it was a constant battle between having decent offset from the jig to the frame (to improve access) and rigidity.

    The other thing that was super annoying with my first jig was the seat tube beam rotated about a point that wasn't the centre of the bb. This made setup a right pain as every time i had to do some trigonometry to find out where the bb was in space, and set the chainstays.

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  • I hadnt really thought about the s shaped jigs but yeah they seem good for space, I think the main thing with them would be making sure the joining pieces to combine extrusion into an s are as rigid as possible. which might be a challenge without machining any big lumps of alumunium

  • It might be massively overcomplicating it

    I'm glad you said it yourself.

    I'd say giving the arc slot a bigger radius should give it enough 'holding force' (not a Mech Eng, sorry for probably using the wrong term) to do away with the adjustment rod? Might be marginally harder to adjust, but clamped down lightly you should be able to tap it into place? Like you're finetuning the temperature on a tap like this, if that makes sense.

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  • The reason i did that rather than just a clamping thing is that one of the thing i didn't like about the jigs i have used is whacking the beam around trying to get it to the right place, especially compounded by a slow to update angle gauge, it gets painful.

    The other issue with it is that when you have the beam pivoting around with such a discrepancy in the length on each side of the pivot, any little bumps applied at the long end of the beam apply loads of force at the point of rotation because its so long. Unless you extend the clamp side of the beam, the lever has to apply a load of force to stop it from moving. This is a problem i've had with the bicycle academy jig and my previous jig. Where you lean on the beam or slip and whack it and it shifts a bit, which is annoying.

  • Love seeing other people's plans for frame jigs. I'd second putting the clamp for the seat tube angle adjustment further away to reduce leverage. I'm working on my own design, also based around a fixed-angle head tube holder. The intention behind mine is to reduce the amount of milled pieces, use turned parts for the precise items and use 3D-printing for the complex brackets for the dummy rear axle and seat tube cone.

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  • Do we need a list? I’m not building a jig anytime soon but would buy any parts we’d have CNC’d so I only need to buy the off the shelf stuff by the time I ever get round to it. If we can agree on a design, that is.

    1. Tijmen
    2. Biggles
    3. Phil
    4. Hiraethus
  • Nice idea, but I'm planning to make all of mine myself. Making tools is as much fun as using them.

    I'll post some more pics over here for critiquing:­59/

  • The intention behind mine is to reduce the amount of milled pieces, use turned parts for the precise items and use 3D-printing for the complex brackets for the dummy rear axle and seat tube cone.

    Yeah thats what i was shooting for as well, I have a lathe and a printer, but no mill

  • Haha yeah im always keen for a list

  • I now have access to a mill. How quickly do people need parts, cos it's in a COVID-closed space? End of the year OK ;)

  • 3D-printing for the complex brackets for the dummy rear axle and seat tube cone.

    I wouldnt print the dummy axle as it gets hot. No matter what process you use, you cant remove it during building, it will get warm at somepoint and deform or melt.

    In my experience any parts that contact the frame should be metal, i.e seat tube cone and headtube cones/puck. Because they ultimately arent that difficult to machine and will wear really easily if theyre not metal

  • ah nice, for now im aiming to not have any machining that isnt doable on a lathe for my design.

  • Yes - good point. I was going to turn the axle, cones, pucks etc and print the brackets to attach them to the extrusion.

  • Most of this page has gone way over my head but it all sounds very neat.

    What disc fork are you using on the road fixed track?

  • Its a kinesis all road sort of thing. I actually ended up putting it all together last night. Dug out a hydro caliper and rebuilt the wheel with a through axle hub.

    Took it for a ride this morning and im pretty happy, feels good. Tho when i build the frame to replace it im gonna shoot for some more tire clearance so that its a bit more versatile.

    I used an mtb caliper and some non series di2 hydro shifters which surprisingly worked fine, but the pm to flat mount adaptor is ugly. Will be on the lookout for a flat mount caliper to replace it.

    The keen eyed among you will notice the mistake i made when i laced the wheel, thats what i get for trying to build wheels and watch the mentalist at the same time.

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  • Got some pics of the most recent gravel frame for @Grifffff

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All these bloody framebuilders eh

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