Clearout: TRP, Surly, NJS Sugino, Zipp, Restrap ETC

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  • Got a load of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years which needs shifting. Cost includes postage within mainland UK but can’t promise really swift postage on the bigger stuff due to lack of suitable boxes and work/kids sucking time, so please be patient with me!

    3: CrankBrothers Quattro. I love these pedals, they’re bloody great but have gone back to SPD so I don’t need too many shoes. Very well used, life left in them yet but cosmetically worn. £10 > £8

    4: Look S Track cleats pair. One brand spanking new, the other 1 ride old. The pedals broke. £6 > £5

    5: BLB Gold RH Brake Lever. Not really used. Not sure on clamp diameter but fits standard 31.6 clamp bars. £7 > £6

    6: Dirt Harry RH Brake Lever, same speed as above. £7 > £6

    7: Miche Long Drop brake lever. Used on my first fixed build. £8 > £6

    9: 94bcd 36t chainring. My 1x1 frame doesn’t clear it, so never used. Fitting for that weird unequal Shimano standard. £8 > £7

    11: Titec Risers. Cut down, will measure if interested but around 600mm IIRC, 31.6 clamp. With green Lizard Skins grips. £15 > £12.50

    12: NJS Sugino Mighty Competition 52t chainring (144bcd). Basically new. £35

    14: Planet X carbon canti CX fork, from an ‘Uncle John’ I believe. Steered Tube badly cut but plenty left, will measure if needed but looks about 17cm. £25 > £20

    15: ITM shallow drop bars. Bars have plenty of tape residue but in good working order. £15 > £12

    16: Zipp front wheel (model unknown) with carbon hub, alloy rim and Hope skewer. The rim has been dinged by a previous owner, as pictured, and the carbon has a very slight crack but it’s not all the way through. The wheel is also very slightly out of true. I have happily ridden it brakeless for a few hundred KM but would maybe not use it if I used the front brake a lot. Comes without tyre or tube. £65.

    Pictures incoming. Dibs is all good followed by a PM please!


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  • I will have the Hylex brakes please! PM me with payment details!

  • Dibs the tuggnut. Sent a pm!

  • dibs on the saddle and gusset pedals

  • Prices dropped on most remaining items

  • Updated thread, removed sold items. Also found another Tuggnut kicking around so will do that one for £10 posted too.

  • Open to offers on any of the remaining parts.

  • Have the straps sold?

  • Any chance of a picture of the back of the tuggnut?

  • Attached. Noted that this second one I found is one that I had to crudely grind one of the bottle opening bits off to get it to clear the mudguard eyelet. Happy to knock a couple of quid off in light of that so £8 posted to the UK.

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  • Duplicate comment

  • Dibs on 15 depending on bar width...?
    Do the shifters n brakes come with em?

  • The brakes have now sold so it’s just the bars only. Let me know if you’re still interested and I can measure the width.

  • A lot of stuff still available and open to reasonable offers.

  • I can't see the hydraulic callipers or leavers listed? but you've got a pretty good picture of the callipers? Are they for sale?

  • They’ve sold in afraid. All the listings that have sold I’ve removed for clarity so everything listed is still available.

  • Where are you based and are the Dirty Harry lever still for sale

  • Down near Plymouth - and yes it is. Price includes postage.

  • what are those flat pedals in the first picture? and, have they sold?

  • Gusset IIRC, but they have gone I’m afraid. If it’s listed in the first comment then it’s still available.

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Clearout: TRP, Surly, NJS Sugino, Zipp, Restrap ETC

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