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  • Too many projects and non of them being the bike I really want means this lot has to go…..

    Boardman CX frameset 56cm

    The cool grey with yellow highlights one, 2014? In used but good condition. Comes with a KCNC BB that converts from crappy bb30 to MTB cranks (50km old). Frame, carbon forks, BB, stem, drop bars, seatclamp.

    £125 posted

    Shimano XT M785 cranks

    Black with a brand new 38t NW Deckas ring fitted. Think I have the original 26/38t double rings I could throw in to.
    All in excellent condition.

    £47 posted

    Shimano 105 5700 shifters 2x10, 105 rear mech.

    All in good condition

    £65 posted

    Monster cross conversion

    Midge bars with new Deda bar tape. high rise stem, quill adapter for 1⅛" forks (I have one for 1" forks too). Tektro cable drop brake levers for V brakes. Avid single digit 3 and 5 V brakes.

    Used on a retro Kona Cindercone drop bar conversion but frame was too small.... Was loads of fun though. All in excellent condition as hardly used.

    £44 posted the lot

    Spank Oozy 395+ rims 27.5 pair. 35mm internal for tyres upto 3".

    Brand new, unlaced….

    £96 posted

    Deckas 38t 96 bcd-s nw chainring brand new

    £8 posted

    Wolftooth 36t 96 bcd-s nw chainring

    £13 posted

    Magura Shiftmix shifter bracket.

    Says right on the packet but doesn’t work on the right, should be for the left…. Strange Magura labelling.

    Brand new.

    £12 posted

    Tektro aero levers & Tektro cr720 cantilever brakes.

    Both brand new, unused.

    £27 posted

    That’s about it for now…. Any questions just ask.

    More pics to come… can’t seem to upload them all….

    My mail tomouse.j@gmail.com

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  • .

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  • The Shiftmix is Shimano ya? When they say 'right' they mean right hand side of the bar when on the bike, not puts the shifter on the right.

    Or something.

  • Ha... Yeh is says right, as in for the right hand side/rear shifter but is actually for the left hand side/front shifter.....

    And yep, for Shimano

  • How much for just the 2x 105 shifters?

  • Hey dude. The XT wheels, are they 100/135 QR? Also, which XT, 785?

  • Can I have the lamps please? I'll send you a PM

  • Thegreatbelow..... Not wanting to split at the mo, cheers

    Hanuman ...... Yep, standard 100/135 qr. M785 rear, dh-t785 front.

    Doubleodavey...... Sure, I'll reply now

  • Very tempted. Let me have a think, I don't have a frame for them yet..

  • Wheels is the best place to start any build :)

    Few more images if it helps..... Tyres/rotors not included but can chuck em in for a bit extra I guess

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  • Could you answer my message please.

  • Check your mail.....

  • B&M lamps SOLD

  • Hope hubs SOLD

  • pair of hopes for £65? thats a bloody bargain and pissed I missed this!

  • Why not treat yourself to a nice pair of American Classics instead? :)

  • cheeky sales skills, hope on everything unless SON dynamo in our house!

  • Have you got any better pics of the Shimano 105 5700 shifters? Am I reading that right that you’ve got two sets?

  • Yep, got two sets..... Do you want pics of both?

    Not really wanting to split them out from the individual groups as of yet.

  • Dibs for the BB7 road calipers!

  • Any pics of the AC hubs? Ta!

  • Here ya go.....

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  • Ah, discs. Not for me, I’m afraid. Thanks anyway!

  • I will take the dynamo wheelset if still available? If you are in London this weekend I can collect?

  • Phew, I wanted them.

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* * * 'Not so 'Massive Clearout * * * updated, more added

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