The Rip van Winkle bicycle

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  • When I got married a little over 12 years ago, my gift to myself was a Robin Mather randonneur, with Paul’s racer brakes and a Campagnolo alloy groupset.Three kids later it tends to get used for commuting rather than longer rides, but it still gets regular use.

    12 years ago - now with a lot more ‘patina’!

    So when I saw a Spectrum randonneur come up for sale in the US, designed by Tom Kellogg and built by Seven Cycles from titanium, I thought it would be worth a try. The geometry was very similar to my Mather and it came with Paul’s Racer brakes - but designed around a small front rack and bag.

    It will be built up very similarly to the Mather - with a Campagnolo alloy groupset. Hence the ‘Rip van Winkle’ epithet - already 12 years ago this style of bicycle was becoming less common, and today with the rise of carbon and disc brakes it’s further away from the mainstream. But with a little TLC it should be good for the next 20 years.

    A friend just brought it over from the US, and I’m off for a work trip so I’m going to leave this one photo as a teaser.

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  • That Mather is lovely

  • Sounds great!

  • Back now and starting to work out where I have squirrelled things away. This is making me realise I have a lot of Campagnolo kit, but most of it is used whereas I should have a full build of NOS stuff.

    Saddle is a Brooks Team Pro Titanium; the original frame cracked but Brooks warrantied it so this is unridden since it came back.

    Rear mech and ergos are Campagnolo Centaur alloy.

    I am planning on running Schwalbe Marathon Supremes.

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  • So I’ve made some progress this evening. The bike as it stands, with a close-up of the pearlescent white paint masked to show the titanium through the clearcoat.

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  • Spec so far in the pics above is:

    Spectrum titanium frame and steel fork
    Spectrum custom black steel mini-rack with decaleur
    Chris King sotto voce black headset
    Paul’s racer brakes
    King Cages titanium cages
    PDW alloy mudguards
    PMP titanium seatpost
    Brooks Team Pro Ti

  • Oh and these Berthoud bags. Although the front one is not big enough to carry my laptop to and from work, so I am mulling over that issue...

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  • More missing parts located. Really just looking for where I tucked away a Moots stem now...

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  • Thats a lovely frame

  • fantastic that. following with interest

  • wow, this is quality stuff!
    Both bikes look excellent .
    Whereabouts are you out of interest? Robin Mather used to be based just up the road from me in Upper Wraxall (when you had yours built) but is now in Bristol i believe?

    What is the size of the spectrum as it looks smaller than the mather...

  • Matching toaster. Nice!

  • I used to live in Bath hence knowing Robin when he was starting out ~15 years ago - though it took me a while to get my act together and decide what I wanted. I’ve lost contact, I think he’s going through one of those phases of not building right now.

    The Spectrum has a 60cm TT so I think it’s just the camera angle.

    I’ve done more rummaging this evening and come up with the bars (3T Morphe), wheels (Chorus on Open Pro CD) and a chain and pedals (Time ATAC) for good measure.

    I’ve also decided I might swap the PMP Ti post out for a Campagnolo Ti one.

    So the missing piece is now a Moots Ti stem that I put somewhere for safe keeping and of course cannot locate....

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  • Spent some time this evening starting to put things together.

    I can’t get the Team Pro far enough back for my liking, so have swapped it out for a Swallow for now.

    All the cabling up etc to follow, perhaps tomorrow night if I am feeling energetic.

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  • So I was properly slack about updating the thread.

    This is how the bike stands for now. After a while of not fitting my laptop in the Berthoud handlebar bag, I got a Nitto clamp-0n rack.

    But I think I’ll take it back off for summer. May even swap the wheels for something racier if we get out in the better weather.

    Getting a larger Berthoud bag is a fairly large outlay, but mulling it over.

    The Brooks saddle also got swapped out for a Flite in the limited edition brown Nubuck, but they are nowhere near as comfortable as I found them 25+ years ago when I started riding them. So that’s still up for debate.

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The Rip van Winkle bicycle

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