• Ha

  • Brilliant.

    I’ve just posted a link to this thread on Facebook, tagged BC in and attached a link to the membership page of cycling uk as an alternative.

    I’m just gutted that I edited out the bit of the post where I called them ‘odious cunts’ just before posting it

  • So part of my BC membership and race licence is funding someone to monitor club forums?

    @Velocio is this new or draft code? do you have a link to the new(?) text.

  • I've deleted your previous comment as I found the atrocious spelling offensive.

  • And in other news I've asked BC to let me know how to early terminate affiliation as the online Club Manager does not give me means to do so.

  • I've exported the membership list and will email everyone to recommend other clubs if they wish to race.

  • I'm sure you will, but could you clarify that this won't affect 99% of time trials, assuming you continue with the CTT affiliation.

  • The one in the Doping thread?

    I was going to say, it was barely even coherent!

  • That sucks from BC. I'm no longer a member of LFGSS CC but it's where I started racing and for that I'm greatly appreciative. If they dare to try and censor the forum, fuck em!

    Thanks, endlessly @Velocio

  • The irony being that LFGSS is cutting ties because BC is exhibiting dodgy cunt behaviour in response to somebody expressing the opinion that they are dodgy cunts.

    Any merit to seeing if a cycling magazine wants to explore this attempted censorship?

  • I’ve been putting off joining Cycling UK on the basis that my employer-bought BC membership gave me liability insurance but between this and their treatment of Callum Skinner in relation to his mental health I’m left wanting to have as little involvement as possible with the ‘dodgy cunts at British Cycling’ so I’ve joined Cycling UK and have contacted my manager to outline my objections to the company funding BC on my behalf and ask if it is really necessary that they continue doing so.

  • The irony being that LFGSS is cutting ties because BC is exhibiting dodgy cunt behaviour in response to somebody expressing the opinion that they are dodgy cunts.

    Absolutely. Their response implies the at they felt the description was a bit too close to the truth for comfort!

  • Sounds like the truth hurts .
    They bailed lizzy out and that took a lot of money.

  • Hah this is amazin

  • Refuse to comply and make them kick you out, surely? If they want to go down this road you should force them to walk the length of it and make them shit in their own pants at the end of it.

  • That is a good point, they're not going to be much arsed about an essentially non active club resigning and losing whatever it is but probably less than £100 of revenue. But if they have to go through a process, which has a good chance of collapsing as their case is unreasonable, it will be much more painful and costly for them. Chances are they will withdraw the request and accept the forum is outside their control.

  • +1 on making them boot the club.
    (Not lfgss cc member, but previous BC member)

  • Refuse to comply and make them kick you out, surely?

    BC have put themselves into a beautiful Catch-22 situation. If you do nothing and they then take action to evict LFGSS CC then it proves @M_V 's characterisation of them is correct. If they just accept that the Forum is a weird internet space with not much to do about track and road racing then it shows that @M_V might have been exaggerating a bit.

  • Arrived a bit late here, but my tuppence: I tend to tag LFGSS CC in when I sign up to BC for insurance each year, and when I do events such as Ride London. It makes very little difference to me, I don't feel like I'm about to go racing.

    Very much on the side of let them kick us out rather than us walking away, as long as it doesn't cause an issue for @Velocio

  • Can you identify which post broke which specific code of conduct?
    I don't race under LFGSS but I have seen it at used one crit race recently.


    *might be worth trying to contact Chris as he will need a new membership card if LFGSS no longer affiliates

  • The comment in question is this one:

    Which was a reply on the Doping thread in reaction to this comment: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/14252480/­

    Is it just me, or is this troubling?


    UKAD should be clearly independent, this compromises that and seems ill advised at best.

    And I have a list of everyone's emails who were associated with the club. I shall email everyone affected.

  • Shall we have a club agm online?

    If we wait to be ejected does it impact you?

    If not I’d vote we remain. If it is a ball ache for you then I’d vote leave.

  • It's not impacting for me but it might be for M_V if they try and sue for defamation / libel.

    But then they'd have to prove damages which would be a bit difficult and would be extremely embarrassing to them when it would be reported on, nice headlines like: "British Cycling sues cycling club member".

    The mere fact that they've asked for censorship of debate around doping should be embarrassing already, even if the grounds for that are "we don't like the bad language against the organisation".

  • Suspect ethics and compliance officer hasn't understood [this] forum, or the internet.

    I always like selecting LFGSS on the British Cycling application/surveys/membership but it will be no loss.

    As mentioned above, BC focus might be better deployed elsewhere

  • That's me.

    Read the thread and I have no objections.

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Is anyone using the British Cycling LFGSS Club for any purpose?

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio