• How so? You feel that parents will keep kids away from your club if PP are allowed to complete?

    Quite possibly yes. We once had a complaint about a club members use of the word porn in a bike porn type context. Not everyone is like us and a big part of running an inclusive club is recognising that.

  • Difficult to be inclusive by pandering* to those with closed minds. The parents should be more concerned about fracking and torturous regimes than boobs.

    (too strong a word, I'm not trying to be derogatory)

  • The jersey's, or the ones' I can see on line, advertise "Pascal's Submissive Sluts".

  • Thank you James.......

  • bike porn

    There is a legit argument for not normalising pornography ... but the bar for censorship should be high. High-enough to balance the consequences.

  • Hmmm, perhaps there's a good reason why I'm not my club's welfare officer...

  • If BC kick LFGSS CC out, perhaps we could seek asylum with USA Cycling. I gather it is all the rage these days.

  • I don't think it's excessive censorship to say that permitting that kind of thing at a sanctioned event is pretty wrong on multiple levels.

    Why should female entrants to a cycling competition have to be subjected to that? Wouldn't be permitted in football, rugby, tennis or even motorsport and goes against years of concerted effort to make the sport more inclusive. I think labelling people who object as having"closed minds" is a cheap way of dismissing quite valid objections...

  • Tommy is begging for political asylum from the states so I guess lufguss could too...

  • It's a good job that M_Vs comments are printed on the LFGSS jersey then, isn't it?

  • Here's another whole layer of irony when it comes to 'dodginess' in connection with drugs:


    I hope we all know that HSBC is the major sponsor of BC

    It's even possible that this goes some way to explaining why they have brought up the whole business

  • they have brought up the whole business

    British Cycling have asked for some posts on an internet forum to be deleted because one of their sponsors has been rapped for money laundering?

  • British Cycling have asked for some posts on a London based internet forum to be deleted because one of their sponsors has been rapped for money laundering in Mexico?

    Don't you see the connection here?

  • Link please?

    (asking for a friend)

  • Google is also your friend.

  • Fuck em, dirty bastards!

  • I'm hoping to enter the bec / catford hill climbs this year and have realised I may need a CTT club membership to do so - from reading this, the lfgss club sounds like it's still CTT registered (which is great) but I can't get the club membership to work on Shopify. Am I missing something?

    Edit: yes. Seen messages that the Shopify account is closed. Is the club still open though? Keen to join!

  • The club is still open, CTT affiliation still in place and will be renewed.

    If someone comes enquiring as to whether someone is a member, so long as I can correlate your email to an account on here then the answer will be yes.

  • Thanks @Velocio, much appreciated. So all I have to do is say I'm a member on CTT? Will do that asap!

  • Since it got a bump by someone else, was there ever a resolution to this?

    BC never brought any heat my way.

  • Well that's surprising... given that I paid for the affiliation and it's showing as active in the Club dashboard.

  • Ah... there we go. It was just something in a text field, I've edited it :D

  • ah excellent! I was just a bit confused, couldn't find the club on the search https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/clubfi­nder but thinking about it, maybe that is intentional(?).

  • Hiding it from search is intentional :)

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Is anyone using the British Cycling LFGSS Club for any purpose?

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio