‘92 Rockhopper Comp retro mtb with a kick

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  • Absolute stunner!

  • Very very nice

  • @mi7rennie another nice one

  • Very good!

    You can make the Schwalbes look better by removing the reflective strip. Peel off the beginning with something sharp, like a knife.

  • Great build. Glad you went for the get around bars. I love mine. I just wish they were easier to get!

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Cheers for the tip @Tijs, removed them last night, definitely better. Left a bit of adhesive residue that I'll need to sort later.

  • Left a bit of adhesive residue that I'll need to sort later.

    I used a sharpie for that. But it was only a cm or so.

  • lovely rig. Good work dude

  • Front Nitto Campee 34f rack fitted.

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  • Spent some time on the Turbo saddle too. brooks proofide works really well bringing back saddles like this too it seems.

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  • Groupset is now exactly how I want it. I've put a few km on it just riding around lanes and towpaths, it's solid and precise. The shifter arrangement is staying, it works very nicely despite the looks.

    Also anyone with really keen eyes for detail might be able to work out what else is fitted to facilitate a bit more load hauling.

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  • Trailer mounts..... looking good.

  • Still need to fit the rear solid axle which has now arrived. Also need to fit the first part I bought for this project, which in itself deserves a whole post when I have the time to write it.

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  • The bike is really coming together!
    How are you finding the tyres?

  • The shifter arrangement is staying, it works very nicely despite the looks.

    I think you meant to say 'with the added bonus of the looks'.

    Sick rack!

  • Personally I prefer them setup on the underside of the handlebar - it means you have to run both shifters in friction mode, but it is pure shifting bliss.

  • That’s a real purty ride. Love the full width bars & top mounted thumbies. The high waisted flares with side pockets of retro MTBing.

  • They might grow on me suppose. Rack was a recent ebay win, I had settled for a Surly nice rack, but this is a bit more interesting. It was described as quite rusty, indeed it had quite a lot of surface spots, but 30 mins with some 0000 grade wire wool and it is almost like new.

    The tires seem good. They roll well and are grippy, but are not as supple as supermotos or my Rat Trap Pass'. They feel very like a large volume marathon supreme, which is probably what you might expect and in my view is not a bad thing. I didn't buy them for speed so am happy.

  • She’s a beauty! We were down in Avoncliff tonight- lots of bikes out but didn’t spot yours ;)

  • Thanks! I was actually out on the drop bar courier tonight, rode out to a friend's in South Wraxal with the family. Great evening for a drink at the cross guns, assuming that's where you were?

  • This a glorious bike, looks great. Subbing for updates and inspiration. I've got a Trek 970 Singletrack frame lurking in the shed, needs a bit of cleaning up and then the component hunt starts. I've still got a couple of D521 rims in active service but they are hard to find new now.

  • That’s the one- lovely evening indeed.

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  • I would have expected it to be heaving down there, looks idilic.

    Great stuff. Fingers crossed that you have a smooth process with the move. Winsley is very nice, we have a few friends up there. Loads of nice paths and things to do right on your doorstep too.

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‘92 Rockhopper Comp retro mtb with a kick

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