DT Swiss Freehub wear?

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  • There appears to be some play in my DT Swiss 240 freehub - if I hold the largest cassette sprocket I can rock/flex it side to side about 1.5mm. When I opened up and cleaned/greased a month ago I could feel some movement in the freehub body.

    Is this normal movement and not worn?
    Time for a new freehub body?

    240s Road Disc hubs have about 20000km+ of 4 season use.
    Dura Ace cassette is 2000km old.

    I’m chasing the cause of drivechain noise when in the largest 3 cassette sprockets + little ring + steep climbs. Will be regreasing pedal threads, through axles, axle/frame/dropouts, chain ring bolts, hanger, check b-screw etc tomorrow. Drivechain already spotless. BB pulled and serviced. Thought maybe freehub was part of the problem.

  • Play in my Fulcrum freehub disappeared after replacing the bearings, doesn't seem to be too hard and they use a standard bearing size.


    Bearing press can also be bodged with some thread, bolts and rings.

  • Thanks for the link. Of all the bearings the freehub ones looks to be the easiest to replace.

    Just saw your 3D printed bearing press ends, great idea, might have a go too.

  • I could easily change the dimensions and give you an stl if you'd want to. If sorting a printer would be a hassle I could also have them printed and post them your way (I doubt I'm local to you, Eindhoven NL).

  • Check your cassette spider. The last three cogs on a dura ace cassette are held together with a carbon/plastic carrier which can crack under extreme loads (i.e. steep UK climbs)

    I've cracked one myself - it's a well known flaw. Shimano will warranty it though if you're the original owner.

  • Also on a DT Swiss 240 hub and my name is also Alex. Weird.

  • That’s very kind, thanks for the offer! We’ve got Solidworks and a 3D printer in the office so I’ll have a bash when I get some free time.

  • Yeah, I’d read about that and checked the cassette first thing this morning. Marine greased the splines and between each block of cogs. With that and adjusting the chainset preload things have quietened down a little... for now.

  • More weird if you’re also a designer in London!

  • 👍🏼👍🏼

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DT Swiss Freehub wear?

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