Adventures with a TBA ‘Low Cost’ Frame Fixture

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  • That’s the front axle carriage assembly done (I think).

    Turns out it was very important to have the holes on either side of the beam dead in line, so as to enable the through bolts to mate with the corresponding nuts.

    Nothing that a little persuasion with the grinding attachment of a Dremel couldn’t sort out.

    It’s all getting a bit Scrapyard Challenge.

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  • Now moved on to the Bottom Bracket Carriage Assembly.

    Another assembly, another beam needs drilling.

    Learning from previous hardships (hopefully).

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  • Bottom Bracket Carriage Assembly assembled.

    Was a relatively simple process.

    Maybe I’m getting the hang of it, or maybe I’ve fucked it up, and just haven’t found out yet.

    Time to put everything away, and have a well-earned beer.

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  • Just completed the rear axle carriage assembly.

    Was tricky, but got there in the end.

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  • Here’s where I’ve got to so far.

    Just a couple more sub-assemblies to complete, then it’s down to the serious business of calibration.

    Thing is a bit of a beast- I’ve got no idea where I’m gonna keep it.

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  • Want a 3d printed drill-jig for that? Drill bushings are cheap.

  • I really like the design of this. The way the lasercut/waterjet cut parts all slot together. Are they a tight fit on each other or are the flat sections loose and all held together by the big coach-bolts?

  • The lasercut parts are not 'press-fit' - they need the bolts to hold everything together.

  • With regards to drilling steel, I feel your pain. A couple weeks ago I was using my handheld mains-powered Bosch to drill through a Singer sewing machine stand, which is cast iron or something. It was hell. And I still haven’t finished the entire job. I have half of a servo motor assembly mounted and half sitting in a box waiting for two or three more very specifically placed drill holes. This was after a couple days earlier angle-grinding a piece of steel and attempting to drill a couple of holes through it. Also unfinished job.

  • Get new decent quality drills and apply cutting fluid (WD40 or similar will do).

  • Yup that’s what I figured

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Adventures with a TBA ‘Low Cost’ Frame Fixture

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