Goodbye Kona. Goodbye Overbury's. Hello again muddy fox

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  • Still playing around with fit , colours before I cable up
    50mm stem and a flite alpes

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  • Is that the fabled 1" threadless Project 2 fork??

  • It is, I found it on eBay (us).
    Couldn’t find one for a while

  • Building up this too. Shimano zee 1 x 10

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  • Do you not fancy a saddle a bit more comfortable for non-road activities.

    I vote for white saddle and bartape to match the pedals (on the Overbury).

  • I really like the overbury's but there is something about it which messes with my head. Its either camera distortion or bike, I can't quite decide. It's either really long, or actually quite short and tall? You can mentally 'fit' most bikes from a picture but not this. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  • If it feels a bit twitchy at the front, you may need a 90 mm stem rather than the 50 mm one with those drop bars.

  • Feels fine with a 50mm stem- the 90/100 too stretched out

  • I think I’m turning into “Richtheroadie” ...
    Just sold the Overbury’s and the kona framesets and am building back up the muddy fox courier!!!???

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Goodbye Kona. Goodbye Overbury's. Hello again muddy fox

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