Goodbye Kona. Goodbye Overbury's. Hello again muddy fox

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  • One in - one out

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  • I saw one being ridden earlier this year, a beaut. You ARE going to ride it? Building as is or giving it a respray?

  • I struck lucky as I think these are quite sought after. I’m going to strip down my kona and transfer all the campagnolo kit over. I’ll need to buy some more forks (surly trolls) and a sim works dirty Rhonda stem.
    I’ll then ride as is for a while- it has a long head tube and relatively short top tube. I can visualise a nice pastel paint job in the future if it rides and fits well

  • Nice score! I had looked at this but not my size.

  • This is ace, but getting rid of the Kona? That was one of the best builds currently on here imo.

    Clearances look good, drop bar again?

  • Yes, I’ll move on the kona frameset at some point but this geometry looks a bit less stretched out than the kona.
    Drop bar definitely- still need to finish off the Raleigh quantum with big wide bars...

  • Arrived, 1” headtube, not 1 1/8th as advertised- no problems though as I can use the kona forks i I had on the cindercone

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  • Awesome. Looking forward to seeing progress with this!

  • Mucking around a bit today.
    Bar tape colour will change.
    Rear derailleur hanger is a bit bent and the threads are shite.
    I’ve bought a thread tap off eBay- that and a big spanner should sort it out:

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  • Enjoyed all of your builds and this is no exception. The fork really suit it too as does the -0.5 scoblebricks™.

  • Thanks- I’ve sorted out the threads on the rd hanger - very satisfying using a cheap tool off eBay.
    I can just squeeze crazy bobs in:

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  • Those tyres are absolutely massive! Looks totally brutal.

  • Got to sub to this...

  • Cool. Are those forks the same length as the originals? Look slightly longer. Probably the angle though.

    Most Overburys I've seen online have an almost horizontal top tube.

  • Kona was rad. This is radder. Looking forward to the final product.

  • Looks amazing!!

  • Thanks. Not sure if they are the same a to c as the original forks - quite a few have sloping t tubes­july-2010-is-legrandefromages-1989-overb­urys-pioneer/

  • God that one is really nice. Definitely looks more like your TT slope too.

    Great project.

  • Not much progress with this due to work and house selling/ buying taking up all my time.
    Position feeling better, thinking of getting a pizza rack for the forks.
    Going for purple cloth tape I think.
    I have a new campagnolo cable set ready to bring this to life!

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  • really nice!

  • Do you plan on taking panniers?
    If not I'd go for a smaller lighter rack.

    Bike looks so good!

  • I’ve got a surly nice front rack but it weighs a tonne...
    Was thinking that the pizza rack was less hefty?
    I have a pair of small super c panniers and a restrap rando bag so thought that might work

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  • I see.. It's probably lighter than the surly rack - I haven't been able to find the weight of the pizza rack online tho.
    You might want to look into a Pelago commuter rack in the medium size.. You can get adapators, that allow you to mount the restrap bag directly to it too.

  • Or actually not even use a rack but some bike Packing bags.
    Think I prefer these fat tyres and white flite

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  • Also a very strong look!

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Goodbye Kona. Goodbye Overbury's. Hello again muddy fox

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