• Please help! I have a tandem and have decided it is no good off road without wide tyres. I have been on the hunt for some new forks but can’t find anything affordable to fit the frame ie massive length steerer, low axle to crown, disc, big clearance. The last surly 1x1 fork in old style a-c length has long been taken off the market. Other similar ones don’t come with enough steerer.
    I thought the old fork might be refashioned to accept more tyre, maybe taking it from 3 to 5 piece. It is all very industrial, it needs to be strong af. I don’t care what it looks like or how much it weighs as long as it works and it doesn’t kill me financially: that or I go back to 2.2’s

    Edit, I have also been asking around about dimples put into existing for because it only needs a tiny amount of extra space. Fork is v heavy duty. Was advised no but...

  • Surly LHT 26" ? What axle to crown do you require? How big of a clearance is big clearance?

  • No, lht is no good. I’d be happy with a a-c of anything btw 390 and 415. Tyre clearance needs to be 2.4 or more. 80mm/413 Surly 1x1 would have been great but they’re sold out everywhere

  • https://surlybikes.com/parts/bridge_club­_fork

    A to C is 420mm but everything else fits your criteria-ish

  • Thanks, I’m going to hold out cos maybe 415 was already too big a top end. I’m going to just get thinner tyres even though 2.4 rubber queens felt so good!

  • I wouldn't get a non-tandem fork.
    You'd need a new front hub, but this seems to fit the bill. Comes in a great orange coulour as well.

  • Omg, but not going to get a new hub, that’s gonna be 300 for the whole set up

  • I just remembered.. JD Tandems sells 26" and 700c tandem forks for disc brakes. 100£, 100mm spacing.
    I don't know just how big the clearence is, as I have to wait till saturday to build our newly aquired 26" model up, but it fits 2" tyres with mudguards according to their spec.

  • Project 2 or Salsa Cromoto might fit the bill? They should have good tyre clearance but the a2c might not be right.

    Conversely, some of the Onza forks will be around the right a2c I think but they might struggle with tyre clearance. I’ve had a few pairs and remember one wasn’t great for tyre clearance but I might actually have been trying to run a 2.7 or 3” tyre in it.

    2.4” ain’t huge for a rigid I don’t think. Have you got a bicycle recycling place near you? The one here in Glasgow always has heaps of rigid mtb forks. You could take the tyre/wheel in with you and check the fit.

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Can someone please rework my existing fork or make a new one affordable please?

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