• Looked like bike vs taxi aftermath. Could just see wheel with green rim on other side of ambulance. Merc minibus black cab parked in front of it. Looked like rider was in ambo already. Police in leccy BMW in attendance. Sorry I didn't stop, if you're on here. Had to dash home for sick daughter and I couldn't add anything helpful to popo + paramedics. Hope you're ok.

  • Thats my mate. He's okay, broken toe I think. If anyone sees this and saw what happened please send me a PM.

  • Glad it sounds minor. Hope he can get witnesses and heals up quickly. Costa, the Marriott hotel or the bank on the corner might have cctv? Again apologies for not stopping. But he seemed in good hands.

  • Its all good, not much else to be done in that situation. He's very grateful that someone eventually called the ambulance. Turns out his foot is broken in 3 places and also a potential fractured ankle.
    Thanks for that info, did a reccy on g maps and think the bank might be the best option for cctv.

    Do you commute down there often? What is that junction like out of interest?

  • Eeesh. Please wish him well.

    I do go that way quite often, yes. I've not really had too many problems there. But the ASLs (as most places) are largely ignored. Road surface is a bit uneven. Occasionally, drivers have tried to nip through the yellow hash markings and squeezed me going west->east. And taxis pulling into and out of the Marriott turning, opposite Costa, often try their luck and just pull straight in or out.

    Sometimes the car wash place on Kendal St (west side of junction) can cause a bit of a log-jam and lead to bother at the junction itself. I did notice lots of peds in the road, stopping to take photos of a big Qatari Lambo parked up there. And mentioning peds, they do tend to just walk out there (both on George St and Kendal St sides), following the Edgware Rd.

    If you need me to go through and snap some pics or look for cameras/etc on Monday morning, let me know.

    Some of the Costa staff have been friendly in the past / chatty when I've been at the lights (and they've come out for a fag). Maybe worth an ask?

  • The foot fractures sound nasty. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • 2019-06-20 – I had an accident on Euston Road around 9am, just outside the Rocket Pub between KX and Euston.

    I have zero memory of what happened. I suffered major injuries to my skull and spine.

    Did anyone here see the accident by any chance? The police have told me that the chain snapped and I came over the handle bars, so it isn't being investigated further. I had surgery so I'm not able to review the place where the accident happened.

    I'm awaiting CCTV footage from the police but its taking over 1 month already to provide me with anything, and they said they can only provide me with screenshots.

    Any advice is appreciated :)

  • Wow. Hope you're healing up well, dude. You might want to start a new thread on this or put in the Forum Rider Down thread (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2112­59/?offset=2100#comment14845605?
    It might get a bigger audience.

    Have a read of this thread also: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1310­99/#comment8835739

    Hope you find the info you're after. If it's worth anything, I go that way some days and can have a look / take pics of road surface, etc?

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2019-06-28 - Rider Down George St/Edgware Rd junction

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