Hope pro 4 front hub clicking as logo goes over top

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  • As it says, my hope pro 4 front wheel clicks just as the hope logo on the hub goes over the top. Only under load.

    Excluded QR, brakes, BB, cranks, pedals, cassette, EVERYTHING...

    Thoughts? All that’s left is a crack in the rim or something, but they look absolutely fine...

  • Take the wheel out, feel slowly turn the cassette in hand and see if you can feel it.

    If yes, remove cassette and turn freehub body..

    If yes, remove freehub body (just pull it off basically) and look for any damaged / missing parts. If none then give it a quick clean and regrease and put it back together.

    Try and check the bearings while you are there too.

  • Dirt under cap i would say undo them wipe a bit of grease amd re tension . You did say it was the front.

  • Maybe the rim joint rather than a crack, if it's not welded check how well it lines up.

  • Yeah tried that. All clean now, still clicks. Boooo

  • Yeah good shout. I’ll whip the tyre off and see what’s going on. They look flush as though from a glance.

  • Grease the drop out as well. Plus headset if you are spannering. Rude not to.

  • Yeah done the drop out and checked headset already. It’s so odd, just literally at that one point, every rotation, only under load. Spinning upside down etc it’s silent.

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a new wheel...

  • Spoke tension?

  • I vote for this. A nipple has unwound itself so the spoke tension goes to zero under load in one wheel position and +ive tension in another, making the noise. That's the theory, anyway. Look for a spoke under less tension that its chums.

  • Good shout. None were ‘loose’, but I didn’t check any nipples, so will try that!!

  • Tried the nipples with a spoke key, one was slightly looser than the rest in about the right place. Snugged it up. Started riding, click, click, click.... AAAHHHHHH

  • tried it on a different frame?

  • Is it your knees?

  • Valve lock ring?

  • Is it a disc braked wheel? Is the disc out of true?

  • Don’t have another frame, but I’ve tried another wheel in the frame and no noise. (Can’t use it though as it’s not a disc wheel).

  • Tried that, put one on and no silence :-(

  • Tried that too, even wound the pads out on the brake to be sure.

  • Replace the axle with a frozen sausage.

  • Could you send it to hope?

    Nothing under the fork hitting the tyre/rim every rotation?

  • could it just need " running in " ?
    is it new ?
    has something similar with a dura ace road hub, it ticked for a hundred miles or so then fell silent

    if it is really annoying changing the bearings might be an option, pretty easy to do on those front hubs, two new fag / skf bearings and you're golden

  • Pop one bearing out and rotate 90 degrees and reinsert and see if the click position changes? Then try the other one.

  • Good shout. I'm 99% sure its the bearings now. I've snugged up all the nipples, and double checked them. Gonna whack a whole load of grease in the adapters / on top of the bearings to see if that has any effect.

    If not, then I'll try riding them for a few more miles and see what happens.

    I've send a previsory email to Hope to see what they say. Worst comes to the worst I guess I can warranty them.

  • Tried the classic Frozen Sausage approach, didn't work. A Cumberland right for Hope hubs?

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Hope pro 4 front hub clicking as logo goes over top

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