W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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  • This build is very slow but I have purchased a front hub-

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  • .

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  • And

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  • Nice I can see some writing on the hub, but can't quite make it out?
    What make is it, it looks to be all alloy.

  • Seller's pictures at the moment, It's a low flange Harden "bacon slicer" as far as I can see -


  • Oh I see, yes it's obvious when you look at the bearing cover.
    These hubs are sought after and for good reason, they are brilliant. I have a set on my commuter bike and apart from changing the bearings they have been perfect.
    If you need a set of bearings there is a place in Eltham that sells them at a very reasonable price. The last time I was there it was about a fiver for two.

  • If you need a set of bearings there is a place in Eltham that sells them at a very reasonable price. The last time I was there it was about a fiver for two

    In the distant future I may well ask a favour of you to pick some up for me.

  • I think I have decided on a colour which will be a flamboyant green which will be close to the "Heylett Green" offered by Holdsworth in their 49' catalogue.
    There are no 47' Holdsworth frames online in this colour that I can find and only 1-2 pictures of Helyett cycles from the 40-50s with varying picture quality which show the frame colour.
    The 49' Holdsworth catalogue shows a dark coloured frame having a contrasting light coloured seat tube panel which I will look at getting. Decals I have bought are gold and I think gold lug lining will suit, However I am seeking advice from the professionals (argos) as to what would work best.
    The argos colour I'm looking at is forest green -

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  • Further inspiration is a 50s Zephyr on

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  • That's a nice colour, should look good. You thinking of getting any box lining of fancy lining done as well or just the lug lining?

  • Just lug lining at the moment.

  • Great colour choice.

  • This is going to look fantastic. Love the low flange hubs too.

  • @russmeyer @7ven - Thanks, It's taken an age to decide on the colour and seeking advice from argos on the colour of the contrast seat tube but I think an off white as per the Zephyr will go well.
    I'm thinking gold lug lining to match gold down tube decals, But does lug lining need to match the down tube decals, I'm not sure?
    And awaiting advice from argos on this topic as well.

  • Decent condition Brampton pedals purchased

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  • .

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  • Proofide on the saddle has brought the leather back to life

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  • Some cool things happening here 💪

  • Cheers buddy 👍

  • Looking forward to see it repainted.

    Will you add some chrome?

  • I've thought about the fork crown but it's so expensive and don't think I'll be able to.

  • Found a NOS pair of French rims (32/40) which could be good for this build.

    In the sellers picture they have a decal which says -
    Made In France Breveté SGDG.

    Research - SGDG stands for Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement, meaning "no government guarantee: unqualified government".

    Research - Breveté SGDG was a French type of patent that ceased to exist in 1968.

    Once they arrive I'll see if there are any other marks /decals as to give an idea on the make.

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  • Cranks - Durax Super Course

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  • Rims arrived and unwrapped them -

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W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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