W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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  • Those rims have come up very nicely, looking good with the tyres.

    For me the best thing about the VCC is the (online) library, I can spend hours geeking about in there :) Keeps me off Ebay!

  • For me the best thing about the VCC is the (online) library, I can spend hours geeking about in there :) Keeps me off Ebay!

    I must investigate the library further to keep me away from ebay :)

  • I might have the opposite effect. You've been warned.

  • Another part bought -
    Bayliss Wiley No 15 spindle.

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  • I must stop buying Sturmey Archer triggers but couldn't resist this one.

    This was the first 3 speed trigger GC3 made between 38'-48'-

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  • That's nice. Don't suppose you've ever come across a top-tube trigger version with the larger (28.6?mm) band?

  • No, I'm afraid not.

    Top tube ones often come up on ebay but I've never paid much attention to them.

  • Is my experience also :(

  • This will come up very very nice.

  • Very cool, nice buy.

    The price tag on this earlier trigger on Ebay at the moment makes me glad not to not have any bikes earlier than late 40s. Although it seems to be a common progression of the vintagebikefancicus illness :)


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  • Not seen one of those before and in great condition.

  • Agreed. Almost worth getting a 1930s bike to go with it :)

  • Since recently joining the VCC, I thought I would get in touch with Roger Armstrong (VCC enthusiast) and provided him with photographs of the frame and frame No and asked for their views -

    Roger quickly got back to me with -

    This is a very interesting post war Cyclone that I would date to 1946. It has a type of crown that I have not seen before, and the lozenge style top eyes without the chamfers that were later to feature.
    Stallard fork ends are used but the mudguard eyes on the front forks have not been cut away or lightened as they are on later frames.

    I cannot tell from the pictures but it looks like the steerer may be arranged for a headclip.
    Holdsworth had their own Allez alloy headclip just post war and I have at least 3 machines that are fitted with this, none of which are Holdsworths.

    The finish is rather plain, it would originally have had a contrasting head and seat band, lugs picked out in gold, and Olympic chevrons dividing off the seat band.
    At least you have the correct head badge.

  • "You have the correct head badge"
    Well it's a start.?

  • "You have the correct head badge"
    Well it's a start.?

    This may relate to a line in my email where I explained that I was seeking period parts to get it back on the road :)

  • He is always kind and available!

    Good news re dating.

  • Calipers bought

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  • Hiduminium. Genius name. What even is it, like a 40’s equivalent of unobtainium?

  • I might have a 2nd Il Primo stem if you're interested

  • Sounds interesting, Do you have any photographs?

  • In a couple of days, when I'll be back home

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W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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