W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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  • Managed to find another SA GC2 trigger produced in 48'-49 and in rather good condition -

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  • I'd be tempted to wrap the frame with a clip wide strip of inner tube at those points you intend to mount the cable clips. Love the colour you've chosen for the frame.

  • cable clips
    Had a rethink on these after being advised to use John Bull style cable bands which would better for the paintwork as made from rubber.

    Love the colour you've chosen for the frame.
    Thanks - I'm hopeful that the colours will work well.

  • I need a seat post bolt.

    Can anyone tell me what type of bolt would have been used and any makes to look out for.

    If anyone has something suitable they wish to sell me, Please let me know.

    I cannot find anything online to show what would have been used.

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  • Fiamme wheelset arrived (32/40) and the front rim which I think is 50s -

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  • Front doesn't match the rear rim which has a different stamp and therefore a later /newer rim.

    Does it matter that the rim stamps don't match and decals will need to be different? -I think so -

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  • Britannialloy pump, 50s I'm sure

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  • oh, it matters!

  • Coming up nicely

  • Bought a bell which I thought might suit but now that it has arrived it may be the wrong time period.
    Made by Bayard

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  • Trigger

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  • The company seems to be very early (if my research is correct)

    Adolphe Clément-Bayard


  • I agree that it matters.
    Great thread btw, love this kind of project : )

  • Thanks gaz
    @jeff80 - Matching pair purchased :)

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  • My understanding (I stand to be corrected) through research is that a early 50s Fiamme rim has a riveted join, Ferrule valve hole and that this stamp (amongst others) would have been used -

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  • Decal would be

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  • My search for Fiamme rims has now led me to a fixed wheelset which arrived today -

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  • Hubs and rims are in wonderful condition under the years of oil and grime

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  • Bayliss Wiley double fixed hubs and appear to be BW continental hubs @falconvitesse

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  • So many nice things...

  • Thanks @crossedthread - I'm going to stop buying anything Fiamme now :)

  • Don’t stop now, am living vicariously through your purchases:)

  • @SideshowBob
    They look superb, I'm jealous, it's incredible how light these old wheel sets are.
    I love the tyres are they a pair and are they salvageable.
    How about the all important bearing surfaces.?

  • Thanks mate, lucky find on ebay. Wasn't really after a wheelset but couldn't resist.

    I love the tyres are they a pair and are they salvageable

    I think that they are too far gone in the rubber and side walls , Not tried any air in them yet.

    How about the all important bearing surfaces.?

    Not looked yet, Rear hub is silent and spins forever. Front is good but gritty.

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W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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