W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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  • mine was with a man AM hub. It ran fine ro start with then one ride started making an odd rubbing noise, then locked up completely half an hour later just as I was trying to nurse it home....I think something broke inside-possibly a pawl spring, which -i think can be rather catastrophic.

  • to be fair, I think it was the adjustment on mine that had gone on that ride, as it was also slipping a little before the failure. You do need to check adjustment really before every ride I find as things seems to get loose and loose adjustment otherwise...

  • Any tips /best practice for this? Never used or set up an SA hub.

    Let's assume the hub is ok in the first place. All that's necessary is to ensure that the cable runs freely (lubricated and no kinks or sharp bends) and then to adjust the tension which just means checking to see that there is slight slackness when in top gear.

    If you want to make a hobby of understanding how to strip and repair these gears, go ahead and research, but my policy has been to give the hub to an expert to check it before I use it, and this may be why I've had trouble free use. So if your hub has been out of use for some time, or if you have any other doubt about it, I recommend having it checked - it could well be full of ancient lubricant which has now turned itself into something more like cheese!

    P.S. Looking again at your photo of the hub, I notice that the wheel nuts have no washers. It's usual for there to be a serrated washer to go between the nut and the fork end - this has the same effect as the serrated ring on an ordinary track nut, which is to prevent the wheel pulling over under load.

  • Thanks very much @clubman and further assistance please -

    my policy has been to give the hub to an expert to check it before I use it

    Anyone you would recommend I could send it to?

    I notice that the wheel nuts have no washers.It's usual for there to be a serrated washer to go between the nut and the fork end

    Would either of these be what's required

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  • I got mine from Peter Read but looks like he's not operating currently.

  • The one on the right I think. I had to get those for my ASC which came without, and kept slipping forward.

    Also, there's a chap on ebay that fixes sturmey hubs- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sturmey-Arche­r-Hub-Service-Repair-AW-FW-FM-Brompton-M­oulton-Pashley-etc/254204736971?hash=ite­m3b2fc875cb:g:mScAAOSwHaBWkn6F

    Maybe he could have a look. Or Colwood Wheel Works ( https://colwoodwheelworks.co.uk )
    I believe. One of these will most likely get my broken AM hub.

  • I know my way around AW hubs very well, having rebuilt a few recently. Happy to take a look .

    Edit: soz just saw you said AM rather than AW. While the approach will be similar I haven’t ever taken one of these apart before, so you might be better with someone more au fait with them

  • Thanks, Sent an email and will see.

  • Ta very much, I'll take a look at the links.

  • OK but thanks for the offer.

  • Here’s some servicing information for the hub if you’re feeling ambitious!


  • That's great @BobbyBriggs but looks beyond my technical expertise :)
    What the "blow up" technical diagram shows is that the serrated washers I'm missing are called K521 which are these -

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  • Question about rivets - On the front mudguard, The bottom stay bracket is riveted to the guard and also holds the mud flap in place which is perished.
    If I wanted to replace the mud flap, How easy would it be (I've no rivet gun) and is it best to leave well alone?

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  • .

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  • I've also got around to posting the frame to the painters as I've finally decided on a colour scheme.
    Green Flam with off white H/T and S/T panels and gold lug lining -

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  • Change of plan on the rims I think, I recently bought a pair of Fiamme wheels which I think are 50s -

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  • Fiamme timeline (Pointed out to me by someone here) what I appear to have bought are No 2 rims featured on here -

  • rivets

    Looks like you could pry/ fold them up and separate the different pieces, then hammer the rivets down again if you're careful. Provided the rivets are steel. Or replace with tiny coach bolts if that exists?

    Very nice colour choice!

  • Mudguard flap -
    I've looked at it again and I think the guard is too thin to muck about with it.

    Colour -
    I took ages deciding the colours and hopefully will turn out well.

  • Another purchase, Terry's 25 cable clips.
    I think these were early 50s -

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  • Be careful when opening these up to fit over the tube-they will scratch the paint VERY easily. (as I have found out before.)

  • Thanks very much for the tip @jeff80

  • Missed this thread. Really interesting project.

  • Thanks @WimVDD, I've learnt a lot trying to source part's.

  • It's a miracle you still can find info on these bikes...

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W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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