W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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  • New purchase -
    Holdsworth Cyclone which research shows was made in 47'.
    Plans are to get it repainted and build it up as correct as possible for the period.

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  • .

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  • And

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  • Using this site as reference as it has a wealth of information on this model through the many years of its production -

  • The closest catalogue on the site to the age of the frame is from 49' and it has two examples of complete cycles within the catalogue which will give me a good idea of what parts to use -

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  • As always advice, recommendations are very welcome or if any one has any part's which would be suitable for the project.

  • Going to do some research on potential colours for the frame, Not found many examples of this particular model and this age online but will keep searching.

    I really like Jason Rourkes paintwork on vintage frames http://blue-whippet.com/
    And the lug lining is really something.

  • Reading the back of the 49' catalogue , It looks as if there were three flamboyant colours as extras Ruby Red, Brilliant Blue and Helyett Green (Cannot find a good example of the green)

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  • Very nice, those rear drop outs are particularly smart are they the Stallard type.
    Are the lug marks under the BB the remnants of a tensioning arm.
    Where are you going to get the spraying done?

  • Waaayyy nice!

  • never heard of those Holdsworth 'Allez' hubs....A rarity?

  • The top of that seat post as well!

  • I think you are spot on with the rear dropouts being stallard.

    The lug marks under the BB -
    Forgive my ignorance tensioning arm
    Would that be for an Osgear type set up?

    Open to suggestions for the paint work /sprayer - Blue whippet, Stoke On Trent is a favourite at the moment, Their work on vintage frames is outstanding.

    I've read very good things about C and G Finishes, Liverpool and I am open to any recommendations

  • I cannot even find a picture of the hubs.

  • Nice rake on the forks

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  • nice project!
    the Mercian colours suggest the ruby red is a little darker, and the Helyett green may be this colour

    Check with your painter as to the availability of paints. My [Australian] painter couldn't get a stable magenta in flamboyant after the formulations were changed due to health risks with some of the ingredients. I needed to go to polychromatic to get the magenta.

    Are there any remnants of the original paint anywhere?

    Holdsworth hubs are described on p10 of the 1949 Holdsworth Aids

  • Great project!

  • Thanks @Big_Block, those mercian colours look better than what I found and I like the Helyett green.

    No remains of the original colour that I can find, Under the blue top coat is a grey primer and then bare metal.
    I have tried to email the author of the Holdsworth page on Classic Lightweights - Clive Holmes-Dowels for any further information but their email address is out of order.

    The 49' Holdsworth aids is great, It also has a list of all of the other paint colours available.

  • Ta very much @7ven

  • H/T and D/T lug

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  • BB is rather interesting as it has these raised lugs on both sides (Drive side with the most) but from the 49' it would appear that these frames were fixed, So maybe a later modification at some point in its 72 years.

    Frame No 7740 which makes it 47'.
    Research shows production that year ran from No 7150 to 8500.

    Underneath the the frame No is CR 23
    (C could also be a G ) and looking at frame builders who worked for Holdsworth at this time could mean that this stamp means that the frame was made by Charlie Roberts, Father of Chas Roberts but I'm not certain of this

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  • Let me know if you're after anything specific as I've got a few parts kicking about.

  • Will do, thanks.

  • Researching 531 decals and found this great page on Classic Lightweights -

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W F Holdsworth Cyclone - 1947

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