DT Swiss Freehub slipping

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  • I bought some wheels with 10 speed mtb hubs, so I replaced the hubs with an 11speed road Freehub.

    It worked well for 50-60km in the alps til no more!

    Now pedalling by hand makes the Freehub engage properly, but under proper pedalling load the Freehub completely slips.

    I’ve tried cleaning them out and regreasing with the DT Swiss grease but it’s just not engaging properly. I did try and blow all the grease out with compressed air but it still doesn’t engage under load.

    The Freehub just doesn’t sit closely enough the the hub body.

    Any ideas?

  • Could it be that the springs are worn out? The ratchets are supposed to be kept in contact by two springs, one on either side. Other than that I can only think of is pressing the freehub body towards the shell more. There should be a click when you press the endcap on to keep it in place.

  • There’s zero click from the end cap which is a little concerning. I might try reduce the amount of grease in there, and expand the springs a little and see where that gets me.

    Not sure where to go next - I guess I might give DT Swiss a call to see if they can send out some end caps.

    Warning to all that buy Chinese wheels :(

  • 11 speed freehubs use a different end cap to the 10 speed ones (in case you were unaware).

  • No way! I had no idea.

    That's got to be it... another 30 quid 🤦♂️

  • If you bought it new, you should've had one supplied with the 11 speed freehub.

  • It shipped with a mtb hub, so I bought the 11s road free hub (with qr end caps), and put the mtb endcaps back on. Those are what I assume to be 10s ones.

    Which I guess is where I went wrong!

  • Frustratingly, 11s road end caps still hasn't sorted this, i've cleaned and re-greased several times to practically no success.

    Might have to take it to a bike shop finally - if I were to ever get it working i'd feel constantly anxious that its going to give up the ghost in the middle of a long ride! Really hate giving up on what seems to be a simple mechanical fix.

  • I've been riding DT hubs for a while, but I've never experienced them slipping, are the ratchet rings and springs installed correctly? The rachet rings do eventually wear out. And I use Finishlone wet lube rather than grease for the free hub.

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DT Swiss Freehub slipping

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