Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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  • Nice tips.

    Yes, I think this box should let me stream and record - so I could then up it to YT after.

    I was thinking about format and making it more interesting. I had an idea to use some of the looping functionally on low volume to offer a chance to do a bit of commentary/background/trivia around tracks, but then still have the track duration to be able to get down to blending and mixing. Will have a think about it more.

  • the cat shit in your record bag

    It's the reason I'll never DJ at a jazz club ever again.

  • I don't know how my mate wired it up but you hear only the music. ie. it's his mixer output that's plugged into twitch stream not a mic or anything. I guess you could do that but the sound would suffer. For comms (requests for Abba songs and such) there's a chat thingie

  • what makes TTV so much more appealing than YT, is the engagement with the DJ

    aka heckling and continuously requesting gabber when he's playing deep house.

  • VODs can also be hosted on TTV, if I didn't make that clear.

    Afraid I can't offer any technical advice, I'm strictly a consumer.

  • "Have you got any Red Hot Chilli Peppers?"

  • I have decks and I've also used Traktor for years. Used to play at a couple of clubs including occasional sets at Slimelight and for about four years running a weekly internet radio show on Noize.co.uk. Haven't done any DJing in the last few years, but this lock down business gave me an itch to spin some tunes again.

    Now, my latest laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga i7 16GB 512GB) whilst very capable, was lacking DJing software, so that was my first step. Native Instruments had a half price sale in November, so I purchased a new full version of the latest version of Traktor Pro 3.2 Running this in Windows 10 worked well my NI Audio 6 sound card, but not the older Audio 2, so I settled initially on the Audio 6.

    Next, I needed to select my method of control. This laptop has a touchscreen, so I figured on trying that with the Audio 6 soundcard, but I was finding the knobs and sliders to be rather twitchy and unreliable. I have a couple of controllers: A Faderfox DJ2 and a Numark Mixtrack Edge.
    The Faderfox is a midi device, and works well enough, but it requires batteries and a separate midi lead and soundcard. Now, the 7 year old Numark Mixtrack Edge takes it's power off the USB port, needs no extra soundcard drivers, and it's ultra slim, hence the name "Edge". I wasn't sure it would work in Windows 10, but I checked the firmware was up to date and used Numark's last TSI file to map the controls to Traktor. It works a treat with no need for another soundcard. The result is an ultra compact controller that requires only one lead to connect it to the laptop, and the laptop can do it's "yoga" stuff to sit the keyboard completely out of the way. Any settings changes can be done with the touchscreen, but all the DJing controls work perfectly from the controller.

    The Internet Radio show that I used to run is now run by my friend Max, who recently asked me for a set for his radio show a week on Saturday ... done.

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  • That’s a nifty looking little set up. What stuff do you mix? Is it Noize you’re doing the set for?

  • I used to refer to my stuff as Industrial Techno, but really it's dark heavy dance music because there's so many influences/genres in there, including some noise.

    Yes, Noize.co.uk

  • That sounds interesting - I'll tune in. I don't know much about techno at all. Drexciya is the main one, and all the side projects especially Lab Rat XL, Arpanet, Japanese Telecom, Dopplereffekt. I always wanted to find any more stuff that sounds like this - which is by The The and a total one-off for a soundtrack. It's probably technically a load of shit, but ticks a lot of dark/atmospheric boxes for me.


  • Anyone have experience with <£100 active PA speakers, like this?


    Seems like it might be something easier to store and simple and quick to set up at home with the Prime GO controller - with a good amount of EQ control so I’m not causing a disturbance - plus could take the whole lot somewhere as full setup, and could add a second if ever needed.

  • J0nathan,

    My friend Max posted this on FaceBook last night, so I thought I'd pass it on here to you and anyone else that fancies listening to some "weird underground" music next weekend. I'm listed near the end as Phil Noize. Enjoy!

    Noize.co.uk Radio Presents (this Saturday 23rd Jan @ 17:00)

    <<<<<>>>>Saturday 23.January. Our radio show is going on a roll with some very special GUEST'S throughout the day and night.
    We are very pleased to welcome on board:<<<<>>>>
    *Soylent Black- Resident DJ at Fnoob Techno Radio http://www.fnoobtechno.com SoylentBlack plays hard industrial techno with shades of EBM, rhythmic noise and doomcore. Active for over 15 years he has played at Infest, Blanc, Kaos, Slimelight, Sinistry, Gravity, Overdrive and La Nuit de Sade.(https://soundcloud.com/SoylentBlack)
    *Edweirdo - Ambient, Industrial, Rhythmic noise, Crossbreed Industrial HC His Sunday radio shows on wirelessfm.net /9-10 pm/are prodigious!

    • Amalgam - All rhythm - oriented, coming from Sparse Beats, Half-Step and Bass infused territory rolling over to industrial f****ry and Hypnotic Techno.
    • have written reviews, reports and entries for several media (from DIY zines to mainstream daily newspaper) since forever
    • co-found and majorly contributed (to) now defunct music & photography webzine letmo.net since 2004
      -resident Dj for Radio 1 Prague
      Xone3 - His project was developed as a physical Audio-Extension of X.One Project and is an exclusive deep trajectory of a disorderly artistic manifestation.
      His Sunday radio shows are a great way of escapism.
      *FarAway- Esoteric Electronics...
      All of his tracks are taken from original tape-production released back in the 80's and 90's underground tape labels networks of the last century..
      *Phil Noize / Founder and heart of the Noize.co.uk)
      *Max Noize - /Noize.co.uk/



  • Nice one. I'll tune it.

  • Got some protective equipment. Regarding my previous comment on active speakers, think I’ll probably get this:

    M-Audio BX8 D3 - Professional 2-Way 8 Inch Active Studio Monitor Speaker for Music Production and Mixing with Onboard Acoustic Space Control https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01J66ZEE0/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_2s.bGb3NM1231?_en­coding=UTF8&psc=1

    Available for weddings and parties. Strictly hardcore, jungle and drum and bass. No requests.

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  • I’ve been trying to tune in but getting some funky errors. Is it up anywhere after?

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  • There were some errors about 20 mins in, but Max sorted them and apologised. Oh well

  • Done a couple of mixes this week using the Prime GO. One a proper jungle rinse out, the other a spacey/Bukem style deep one. If anyone’s interested they’re over here:



  • Anyone had a go on one of these? Seems like it would tick a few boxes over my Xone32 at a good price: split cue, better metering, gain pots on the top panel, plus general digitalness.


  • One of my twins has broken his bed, twice, and his brother's bed.

    I've replaced them with a locally sourced bunk bed but it's massive.

    There goes my dream of having a mix from time to time....

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  • Sheet only one answer take over the kitchen a la grandmaster flash...


    Or Shaq


  • Wicked mixer 👌 we gotta do a b2b ‘after coronavirus’

  • Have another mix up - it’s 94/95 jungle, all female vocal samples. Nina Simone, Whitney, Brandy etc. Posted over in the jungle thread: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15820499/­

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Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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