Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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  • Very much looking forward to hearing this.

  • Flick through the others, there’s loads. The Stress Factor ones are all live sets I recorded from an internet radio station about ten years ago. Mostly hardcore and jungle. This one’s quite fun - starts off with the ‘narcotic suite’ Gilted Gen Prodigy tracks with some hardcore tunes (Renegade Snares and Warpdrive by Crystl) mixed in on top. Excuse any lame radio chat, but that was kind of a rule of the station that you had to do a little bit of hosting: https://hearthis.at/theorie/theorie-mix-­stress-factor-radio-10/

    Back on the digital stuff, I’ve been watching this video quite a few times and trying to get my head around it. It’s wildly creative and must be so satisfying to come up with a transition like it - but it almost is a bit like when you realise that a stand up comedian comes out and tells the same jokes every night as if they’d just made it up. https://youtu.be/3dl2Lpnqy0w

  • Just had the Deck Doctor around to fit LED target lights, MK5 pitch controls and upgraded phono leads.

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  • Wow. Blown away by this. The turntables are from '88 and '95, and have come from one family (friend's cousins) before I bought them. I don't think I ever took them anywhere - maybe one house party. Just bedroom use.

    When the Deck Doctor was at work, he did say that one pitch (the 88) was really worn and was way out, and that they would be different beasts when he'd finished, and he wasn't joking. Only had about a half hour mix, and the new pitches just lock. Once the tunes are matched, I can just leave them more or less. Maybe tiny adjustments. Before I'd be having to make quite a lot of adjustment throughout the mix. I can't wait to have a massive session now.

  • I get a chance to play on a set that’s been treated by Deck Doctor, you will be happy with those additions.

    My friend had all blue lights fitted.

  • While I’m here. There are a couple of demos recorded on those before they were serviced.
    I haven’t played in ages up to that point, messed up a disco mix towards the end a bit.

    First one is mostly synthy 80s Disco and edits, second is mostly modern day Electro Funk.

    LostField - Demo for Em

    LostField - Electric Charge

  • I keep looking wistfully at my dusty old vestax decks (in my 5yr old twins' bedroom) and thinking about plugging it all back in again.

    I recently recovered the data from my old studio mix PC and enjoyed listening to my old mixes, even though they were a bunch of crap.

    I'm on mixCloud as davey_cakes if you fancy a miserable evening

  • Got Remember The Rollerz on now. Nice selection. Mix of Helicopter and Remember the Roller 👌 and Lion Heart is such a tune. Was basically crying to a buddy at the weekend about what became of Dillinja 😔

  • The eagle has landed. Report incoming.

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  • First impressions of this and being quite a noob at digital djing. This is using the ‘djay’ app from Algoriddim.

    1. Not compatible with all speakers. I have a UE Megaboom bluetooth speaker with an aux in. For whatever reason, the sound from the speaker was a fraction of a second behind what was the actual master output. This made beat matching using that speaker basically impossible. Works fine with other equipment, though.
    2. Too much choice! Being able to select everything from Spotify is a blessing and a curse. It’s like watching Netflix. What I need are carefully curated playlists. The readily available ones that contain classics of various genres aren’t always that useful. E.g. almost all vocal tracks, too many anthems or just too much of a range. Time to hunt out or make some that have been created with digital djing in mind.
    3. Watching waveforms can fry your brain. I think the human brain must prioritise visual stimulus over aural which, coming new to this, means my brain is fighting with what it knows best. Telling myself not to look at the waveforms and just listen provides much better results. This is especially true of music that isn’t just 4 to the floor.
    4. The BPM detection and syncing only really works on 4 to the floor stuff. House and techno is so easy to mix! Mixing my preferred DNB or garage you basically need to forget about any BPM or syncing. It won’t work.
    5. Build quality. The faders feel amazing and the whole thing is solid. More a comment on the djay software, but aside from the delay issue with the UE speaker, everything is super responsive. The loop and cue buttons are instant, as is the fader, enabling you to cut up between tracks seamlessly.

    For something that costs £100, this thing is awesome. I haven’t had a chance to turn it up and really try and put a mix together, so will add more thoughts when I’ve had a good session.

  • Ta for the review was looking to get something simple and easy to put some mixes together. This sounds just right. What size is it as space is an issue for me.

  • Tiny. About 40cm long and 25cm wide.

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  • One thing to bear in mind is the cost of Spotify premium and the subscription to djay...

    That’s not your only option, though. You can use rekordbox and WeDJ too etc. It’s just that only djay supports Spotify, and I’m already on my bro’s Spotify family account.

  • Wow was expecting it to be bigger. Just what I looking for 👍

  • I have a Spotify family account is that the same and I'm happy to buy from bandcamp and get digital downloads. 👍

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Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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