Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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  • Acetone roughly applied and side panels added

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  • @jdp I'm hot for my age, are you? ;)

  • inside!

  • Unlikely I know, but anyone looking for some old CDJs to play around with? I've not used mine for ages and I want to get rid of some stuff.

    Vestax PCV-275 mixer will probably go too.

  • Perhaps... how much we talking

  • Absolutely no idea what the going rate is for this stuff. I've had the setup for years.
    The 800 was off here and the other bits were from random places. You can have it for cheaper than you can find it elsewhere if that helps.

  • Neither do I to be fair. If your not in a rush I'll take em end of the month, you could dust em off a make a ceremonial last mix?

  • Nah, I'm getting caned quite happily listening to youtube faves. The decks have been in plastic bags for fucking ages and the mixer hasn't been touched for 18 months and since the flat has just now been flooded, the desk they woud've been sat on is outside drying so I think I've got more chance of making the next Age of Love than playing a set on these.

    I normally just looked at what stuff sold for on ebay and make it less than that but if you have a different idea, let me know.

  • As do I, Youtube for the win. I'll have a look at ebay and send you a message, at work at the mo. Not got any spare dollars till the end of the month, sorry if you want them out the house as soon as possible.

  • Just saw your sale thread obvs don't wait around for me if someone else wants them.

  • Not bothered. I'm busy cleaning up a flood so I'm not rushing but if someone waves cash at me I'll probably let them go.

  • Took about half a year but have gotten around to trying streaming. Vinyl is a few months off I think, due to networking viability and some other logistics I need to work through. For now I'm excited that it will keep my digital repertoire/skills up to date.


  • Tempted to get back into dj-ing. It'll only be for home use but still want a decent setup.

    Used to play vinyl so have two 1210's + a decent mixer. Want to get into digital dj-ing though so been reading up about controllers but there's so much stuff out there.

    Can anyone clued up about these things recommend something that'll let me play both music from my laptop and my decks? So far my best option seems to be a Pioneer DDJ-1000 but ££££

    Tried to figure out if two CDJ's can act as controllers and it seems like a viable option but then I need a 2 channel soundcard to my mac. Benefit here is I can use my mixer that I like and also get a rotary mixer because rotary.

  • Why not use something like Serato? You use timing "records" that control a box that plugs into your laptop and plays digital stuff.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN_dlXBE­OoE

    I've not watched this but assume it explains how it works. My mate used to use this before his decks were stolen and he moved to fully digital controllers.

  • Yeah I know about this but I want to get out of the constraints of vinyls. Played a bit on a modern dj setup a while ago and that cue-button is pretty nifty

  • Ah, thought you wanted to play digital while retaining your decks (hence Serato). If you want full digital, I'm out. I used old CDJs only and my mate's various controllers. They all seem to do the same shit. More decks and more buttons = more effects and stuff. I'll leave it for the digi kiddies to chip in.

  • I want both worlds. Tbh I find mixing with vinyl a joy when I have the time but I can't be arsed getting back into it when I can just throw a bit of money on it and get a digital setup and just press play, beat sync, mix and enjoy

  • If you've got an ipad and already have a decent mixer, you could give it a try with something like the DJay app.
    I use it with a split output to connect to my analog mixer, and then cue up tracks using the iPad and mix on the mixer as you would with vinyl.

    Still get the feel of 'real' DJing without having to buy controllers, etc. Plus you can stream straight from Soundcloud and other services.

  • Yeah, I get it. I still have a box of vinyl in Oz that I'd like to collect and be able to play one day when I grow up and get a proper house.

    Do you have a budget? Many of the digital controllers appear to be quite cheap. Old CDJs are going pretty cheap these days too.

  • I can recommend the Denon Prime GO as something that’s full featured while being extremely compact and quick to boot up and have a little mix on.

    There’s nothing else quite like it out there (battery powered all in one), although you could consider the Pioneer all in ones like the XDJ RR and is probably best if you want to be playing out anywhere so you’ll be on compatible software (Rekordbox) so can just bring a USB.


    Don’t know much about the controllers you use with a laptop, but I had the most basic Pioneer (DDJ 200) one that I used with my phone, which was fun but basically just a toy.

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  • That looks nifty. Ideally I want something full size though. I'd like to get away from the toy feeling (not saying that ^ is, but you get the idea) of smaller and cheaper controllers

  • Deffo check out the Pioneer all in ones. You can still hook them up to a laptop to give you more visual cues and info and run from you hdd rater than having to manage a USB export.

    Or the Denon Prime 2 or 4 - although again you’re going to be doing everything in their software, which is fine - and the controllers seem to have better support for lossless formats, I’m discovering - but the world is on Rekordbox, really.

  • Will do!

    What about getting 2 CDJ-850? Can they stream audio from my laptop into a regular mixer? I've read that they can work like controllers but can only find videos / examples with the mixer hooked up to the laptop as well

    Alternatively, I guess a 2 channel audio interface hooked up to my laptop would solve it?

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Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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