Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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  • Acetone roughly applied and side panels added

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  • @jdp I'm hot for my age, are you? ;)

  • inside!

  • Unlikely I know, but anyone looking for some old CDJs to play around with? I've not used mine for ages and I want to get rid of some stuff.

    Vestax PCV-275 mixer will probably go too.

  • Perhaps... how much we talking

  • Absolutely no idea what the going rate is for this stuff. I've had the setup for years.
    The 800 was off here and the other bits were from random places. You can have it for cheaper than you can find it elsewhere if that helps.

  • Neither do I to be fair. If your not in a rush I'll take em end of the month, you could dust em off a make a ceremonial last mix?

  • Nah, I'm getting caned quite happily listening to youtube faves. The decks have been in plastic bags for fucking ages and the mixer hasn't been touched for 18 months and since the flat has just now been flooded, the desk they woud've been sat on is outside drying so I think I've got more chance of making the next Age of Love than playing a set on these.

    I normally just looked at what stuff sold for on ebay and make it less than that but if you have a different idea, let me know.

  • As do I, Youtube for the win. I'll have a look at ebay and send you a message, at work at the mo. Not got any spare dollars till the end of the month, sorry if you want them out the house as soon as possible.

  • Just saw your sale thread obvs don't wait around for me if someone else wants them.

  • Not bothered. I'm busy cleaning up a flood so I'm not rushing but if someone waves cash at me I'll probably let them go.

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Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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