Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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  • I don't think I've really seen anywhere on here where people may put up their mixes / productions (aside from the what people are listening to topic) but I've often seen posts by people who surely had a little play on the wheels of steel in the past. If there is a more appropriate topic to chuck this in, please do, but in the interest of flagrant self promotion and desperately seeking validation, I thought I'd start a topic for people to put their musical efforts in...

    In light of which, an old and a relatively new mix from me...

    Please share your stuff if that is ok...




  • Brilliant, playing now!

  • Oh go on then!! Some new UK Garage flavas in this little 30 min mix from me


  • Yes mate. I'll give that a listen...

    remembers to fish out his copy of "with a little bit of luck" when he gets home

    Giving it a listen now...

  • Half way through your "The Flight Home" mix really enjoying it

  • Ha. Cheers very much. Mutual appreciation going on here. liking the garage.

    No cheese :)

    Takes me back to my breaks days!

  • There is the Producers thread - https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/1910­64

  • Yeah, don't really do much in terms of production nowadays. Good to know though

  • Got the flight home mix on right now. Much enjoy.

  • I'm looking to mixes on my computer what are people using without a Dj controller or decks is there a good one ?

  • I miss the excitement of real dj’s. Listening to Derrick May wildly riding the pitch control, Claude Young wrestling records together etc.

    There are a few people who can make computer mixing sound excellent eg Surgeon but most just sound too clinical and lacking any edge.

    There is an excitement to percussion and kick drums almost phasing as the mix is ridden which I don’t hear in computer mixing.

  • true but unfortunately I dont have the space for a set up any more so lap top is the way I miss making mix tapes of new music.

  • Same as Rich G here. Though I have just set the decks back up in the house recently but it took a while to get the space sorted.

    A pair of 1210's, speakers and a mixer do take up a fair chunk of space. I ditched the amp in favour of a pair of KRK Rockits and I can always switch out the mixer for the Denon controller (that allows a line-in). I appreciate where James is coming from, but as a convert to Traktor myself ( a few years ago), the benefits of being able to drop whatever the hell I like rather than what's in my record box far outweighs any sort of snobbery I had about Digital mixing beforehand.

    And if you want me to sketchily keep a tune in in a blind panic I can always do a shit mix for you :)

    Also, I tend to avoid the sync button, so you still have that margin for error.

  • I spent the 90's and the 00's working behind a monitor desk.

    The first thing I sussed was.





  • I've only started mixing with Ableton this year, here's my finest (for me) work to date


    I've also finally started at Morley College on thier DJ workshop, and am learning to mix, here's my first live mix, not as good, but hopefully competent.


    If anyone has time or the will to listen let me know what you think, thanks!

  • cool love a bit of spaced out disco :)

    i tried ableton but didnt get on very well with it i just needed to have more patience and watch more tutorials

  • cool love a bit of spaced out disco :)

    Have a listen let me know what you think!

    Albelton's pretty easy, I only know how to layout tracks, increase decrease volume in low/mid/high, cut sections to create loops, change bpm, learnt this from a few youtube videos.

  • for some reason i couldnt get the bpm level to work correctly it would vary loads thinki was just doing it very wrong.
    will have a listen :)

  • will have a listen :)

    Great, let me know what you think

  • Recently found time and motivation to get back into mixing and have been upgrading/servicing my setup. Have had 1210mk2s for about 20 years now. Got those as second owner from a friend's cousin along with a very basic Vestax (only just read that they went out of business 5 years ago!). I 'upgraded' to a complete POS Numark - the cross fader never worked, despite three replacements. I eventually got rid of it and replaced with a Tascam XS4, which has served me well for years and years, but it is extremely basic - just two band EQ, basically.

    I always wanted an Allen & Heath and have picked up a second hand Xone 32 which I'm waiting to be delivered. Very excited about trying out the filters and proper EQ kill. I'm getting new, later gen pitch controls in my 1210s, so looking forward to seeing what kind of difference that makes - just removing the '0'+/- lock will be a blessing. I'm also getting some new Concorde needles for my Pro S carts. Running this through a basic Sony amp with some floor standing Eltax speakers and a set of book shelf speakers too. Haven't looked into upgrading the audio side of the set up. Recently installed Audacity and have got a record line into the PC, but that needs a ram upgrade desperately before I do anything with that.

    It's so long since I followed developments in equipment that recently having a go on a friend's DJM set up (DJM 900, XDJ 2000 + effects unit) blew my mind. I've never even had a go at a CDJ and I did have a friend who had Final Scratch just as it came out but can't remember ever trying that, so imagine how overwhelming it was to dump some mp3s into Rekordbox and then have BPM readouts and a sync button!

    It will be a while before I head down that road, if indeed I do at all, but should I look at anything else to enhance things in the analogue realm?

  • Any thoughts on the DDJ 200? Looks like a cheap, fun little bit of kit.


    Having a kid means I don’t get that much time to mix and due to bedroom proximity to decks room, evenings are just completely out. The way I see it, with the DDJ, I could shut myself in our kitchen for some after bedtime blends, while also having the fun of teaching myself a bit more of how digital DJing actually works, and would have a whole other catalogue (vast world) of tunes with Spotify - and instantly give loads of other genres a try.

    Just hope it works nicely without any buffering or lag etc, and I’m guessing there’s no way to record mixes. For barely 100 quid, it’s a done deal, though.

    Also hoping the Rekordbox integration means I can also use it with my existing setup to mix my mp3 collection.

  • DJing from a smart-phone. Interesting! I've seen someone DJ in a club from a somewhat fiddly app on an iPhone, but it was only in mono from each channel. Having said that I don't think the audience really noticed. If this is stereo though, they could be onto a winner. It was always going to happen eventaully. If you get it, please let us know what it's like.

  • I will definitely report back. Have dropped heavy hints for Christmas, and will just buy it in the new year if it's not in my stocking.

    This one is mono only. It's basically just a toy, and all it really does it take your inputs so you don't have to fiddle around on the screen. There's no on-board sound card and the reason it's mono is that, to enable you to cue, it sends the master over one channel and you're cuing over the other, via a splitter cable that comes supplied.

    I've downloaded the software app that supports Spotify (Djay) and had a little go at cueing and chopping up a few (drum and bass) tracks. It's fun, but so fiddly and difficult to reliably match and hold a mix, that the novelty wears off fast. I'm sure I've had a try on an app like this years ago and deleted it shortly after for that reason. Should I have the splitter cable now, though, I think it would be pretty fun just trying it out on the phone, and would only get better with the DDJ 200 or similar.

    Thanks to my recent and hasty gen up on the digital side of things, Pioneer seem to have something for everything and everyone. Their next one up in the range (400) immediately addresses the stereo issue and has a few more bells and whistles - that's about £250. And it goes right up to the DDJ-RZX, which is not far off 3 grand, but shows the waveform on touchscreens and has all the looping/sampling/filtering features you could want.

  • I also now has this. I recorded a mix on Saturday but there are two sections of a few seconds where the sound drops out (aforementioned lack of RAM - more arriving tomorrow). There’s no train wrecks or anything, but this was just a pure practice with the new mixer and to give the filters a go. There’s one bit where I got the ‘transmute’ button totally wrong and persevered with it over a few bars 🙄. They won't be deployed ever again! There is a proper mix forthcoming with most of this stuff, which I’ll share in due course. It’s all late 90s drum and bass. Renegade Hardware, Ram, Bad Company, Virus for the most part: https://hearthis.at/theorie/practice-mix­/4Dl

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Everyone's a DJ nowadays

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