Zipp 808 (damaged) and tyre bundle.

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  • Selling my bunch of tyres due to going tubeless. They’re all in great condition.
    Various GP4000s, Michelin Powers, Gatorskins, all are 700x25c. Plus some cx tyres.
    £40 for the lot not prepared to split.

    Zipp 808.
    I ripped two spokes out when riding along slowly and rotating my heal side to side with the cleat float. The rear of the shoe jammed into the spokes. Not sure exactly why I was doing that but these things happen.

    This resulted in ripping two spokes plus their nipples out of the rim enlarging their little holes slightly. Plus popped the retaining ring off the hub.
    I imagine this can be fixed by Surrey Carbon Repair but that’s part of the gamble in buying this.
    So here’s the deal - I’m selling it for spares Incase it can’t be fixed. Freehub bodies go for £40 on eBay and Zipp spokes are £10 for 3 new.
    So I figure £50 in total for the wheel is fine.

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  • Tyre

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  • Gatorskins

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  • Zipp

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  • Damaged nipple hole.

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  • Hole

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  • I’d take the tyres, but I’d be wanting to resell all but two or four of them on here. What’s the moral standpoint of The Forum on such things?

    Also really want the Zipp but definitely don’t need it nor can I sellotape it back to life.

  • Buy them, sell them for more, it’s all fine with me.
    Do it, I challenge you!

  • 2nd on the tyres please or a share bid if @dbr wants to

  • Hey I want the wheel, but don't want the tires. Can you sell the tires to one of the guys before me - and the wheel to me ?
    DIBS wheel, if so.

  • 2nd dibs wheel pm’d you

  • Yeah let’s split em 🤙🏻

  • Split rim in any context doesn’t sound good!

  • Where are these tyres? Can we collect them?

  • Hey sorry i dibsed the lot by pm and payment sent - sorry guys.

  • Oh. That’s not very cool.

    I feel silly for waking up at 7am and checking the classifieds now.

  • Sold!

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Zipp 808 (damaged) and tyre bundle.

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