• Hi,
    reluctantly I am selling my two years old hardly used Rusjan backpack (@skinny can testify the quality of the brand, expertise, material, resistance :) ).

    It has sat in a cupboard since 2018 and I would like to see "shred" the street again.


    Height 43 cm extendible to 65 cm (extensible belts included)
    Width 38 cm
    Depth 25 extendible to 30-32 cm (lateral compression belts)
    capacity should be around 24 L closed that can be expanded by twice

    front easy-access waterproof pocket
    camera hold left side
    2 locks holder (1 small side/1 big front)
    watertight zips
    ergonomic shoulder straps

    Paid 380 Euro, I am asking 225 posted in the UK (it's a large parcel).

    here a recording while weared:


    ps a forum donation will be made

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  • Drop to 220

  • Vouched. Lucy's gear is second to none.

  • I just had her make me a custom backpack, as it happens.

  • eheh..
    I started in 2015 with a "simple" pouch (that I still use after many many "battles"), then an office backpack, a go-to-race backpack (the one I am selling here), a complete set of custom bikepacking bags and now an additional front handlebar bag...
    I am happy seeing you with her product, she has many ultradistance fellows who enjoy her quality and expertise!
    btw well done at the Italy Divide!

  • I saw your backpack on IG: damn crazy light!!!

  • Yup. Will be sweet

  • drop to 210 posted

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Selling handmade Rusjan custom backpack: waterproof and bike-life-resistant! (Italian quality)

Posted by Avatar for Albb @Albb