Adjusting Chain-line from Rear Hub/Axle

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to track bikes and got myself a Dolan Pre-Cursa which I have been using to learn to ride fixed and also learn to work on bikes.
    I had noticed that my chain is a bit loud and after reading some posts on here I concluded that it is because my chain-line is not completely straight.
    I have attached pictures of what my rear axle currently looks like.
    My question is regarding the piece highlighted in red in the pictures.

    -What is the function of this nut? Do I need to tighten something with it?
    -Can I possibly use it to do slight adjustments to the chain-line (having the nut on one side flush and the other side a bit spaced out)?
    -How is chain-line usually adjusted?

    I am sorry if some of my questions seem a bit stupid!

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  • The driveside locknut (the bit the arrow points to in your 1st image) has just come loose and probably unscrewed itself a bit when you've been trying to tighten the non drive side wheel nut but inadvertantly you've been spinning the axle.

    You want to snug the thick cone nut (17mm spanner) down onto the bearing and then the locknut (15mm cone spanner) onto that. Ie so it looks like the non drive side. Probably a good idea to check the adjustment of the cone and locknuts on the non drive side too, it looks ok but if the driveside has been loose then the non drive might be too.

    I suppose the locknut being unscrewed a bit like it is in your photos could bump the hub over a smidge putting your chainline out. I'd sort the cone and lock nuts then check how the chainline looks.

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Adjusting Chain-line from Rear Hub/Axle

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