An awkward situation with a frame builder

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  • I will neither confirm nor deny any speculation of who this frame builder is. And for the record, I have never had a build thread on this bike... I have asked questions, yes, but no thread... so whoever you think I am, I will also neither confirm nor deny...

    I have had a response from them this afternoon with end of July being the deadline and some pics of what's been made, so I guess in a completely unexpected way, this thread has sorted me out...

    I will reply confirming that I will be happy with that but no more delay and we will see what happens in roughly 6 weeks time.

  • Is it asm? He builds frames, right?

  • @TileStyle wanted Steve StreetGoff to build him a 🚲 to walk

  • Timeline of my BTR Bantam polo frame, their first custom order:
    19/7/2012: First proper contact, Thursday PM
    20/7/2012: I sent a link to my idea in BikeCAD, listed sizing and clearance constraints.
    23/7/2012: Received first version of geometry, I replied confirming the fork I'd purchased for it.
    24/7/2012: They raise topic of headsets (integrated vs zerostack vs EC), ask for chainline, chainring size, crank model and tyre dimensions for clearances.
    25/7/2012: They explain challenges in BB/CS area, ask about preferences around toptube and seatstays. They attached renders from Solidworks which they use for design.
    27/7/2012: (Friday)I confirm 73mm BSA shell, tyre clearances. Discuss tubing choices.
    31/7/2012: More renders, details of laser-cut gussets and IS caliper mount. Tubing spec confirmed. Weight of tubing specified at 1835g plus welding rod and paint, total est 2kg. I mention aspiring to use my new bike at London Open 2012, Aug 25-26th. Discuss paint, plan handover and assembly at their workshop. Agree deposit amount, about 35%.
    1/8/2012: Deposit request received via Paypal and paid AM. Tubing, dropouts etc ordered from Reynolds and Ceeway. More paint chat.
    2/8/2012: Update that Reynolds order has dispatched.
    8/8/2012: I inform them that I've bought XT M770 cranks, confirm 23rd for handover, request metallic medium-dark grey finish.
    13/8/2012: They give up on emailing Argos, use phone instead, get turnaround time down from 4 weeks to 1 week but we agree it's a bit risky and go for their local finishers who can turnaround in a few days. Agree collar rather than integrated binder for seattube.
    14/8/2012: They've been in touch with the finishers and asked for a photo of their stock metallic grey. Receive first photos of the steel, except toptube and seatstays, mitred and jigged up.
    16/8/2012: No photo of colour, but agree anyway.
    19/8/2012: They ask what I'd like on the serial plate. (Instead of a traditional emblem on the headtube, BTRs have a plate with stamped details like an industrial machine)
    20/8/2012: TIG weld porn­s/photos/a.475495202469659/4754954758029­65/?type=3&theater
    22/8/2012: Frame received from finishers last night (21st), confirm no change to total price.
    23/8/2012: Arrive at their workshop with holdall full of parts and balance of payment, assemble bike, take photos, finally agree on name, take test ride, discuss nuances of polo bike handling.

    tldr: CAD design done and tubing ordered in about 2 weeks. Frame build and sent for powercoating in another two weeks. Frame collected about 5 weeks after first contact. This was their 7th frame sold and the workshop was in one of their parents' back garden.

    BTR's Burf and Tam are both engineers, met while studying Motorsport Engineering, Burf became a full time welder, Tam worked at K900 doing suspension telemetry before it was cool, then they started BTR. They were clear and open about progress, queries and decisions.

    They came top in MBUK's Summer 2019 Hardcore Hardtail group test. They showed off pics of frame #221 this May, so they've averaged about 30 frames a year for the last 7 years which isn't bad considering Burf also teaches TIG at The Bicycle Academy.

  • I think this sounds like a quick build really but it’s nice to hear!

    I have used BTR twice for small jobs, - bottle cage boss add ons etc and both times they have been spot on and I have no complaints.

    Also had the pleasure of being taught by Burf at TBA which was amazing

  • @TileStyle wanted Steve StreetGoff to build him a 🚲 to walk

    Sorry, I'm afraid I don't get the wordplay with 'TileStyle'.

  • i dont want to derail the thread but, was that on the TIG course? Ive been thinking about doing it, expanding on my you tube education seems smart. How did you find it?

  • Brazing, built a frame, best thing I have ever done learning wise!

  • This thread is nothing without pictures. Can we see graphic design please.

    Feel free to redact the logozzz

  • Tbf Panda do a mean set menu.

  • They said over a year ago. At least twice.

  • They said Easter, in the first post.

    That leaves May and June to put the frame together and apply an extremely complex finish.

  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • We have been talking regularly the last couple of weeks and as mutually agreed, I have made some minor adjustments to my graphic design to bypass what they didn't feel comfortable achieving, so hopefully all will be good from now on.

  • Has this been finished now?

  • I reckon the username change must be a giveaway.

  • There's too much prima Donna on both sides of this now, you look at anyone who is at the Pinnacle of their trade and they will tell you where to go stick it (some do it politely) as would any builder worth their game job done you don't like what they do move along they have a waiting list and people ready to kill for the next slot

    ...sadly the internet and the modern adoration of some guy who got a rave reviews from his mate at the online forum and will do anything to get a like on Instagram, now means you have to put up with this self proclaimed awesomeness shit

  • @dancing james @Oliver Schick

    My username has always been the same :-)

    Sorry been off this forum on both my regular and this accounts for a while now - have been dealing with some real shit...

    No, I haven't gotten the frame yet but should meet up end of this week, so we will see.

    I should have probably been much more proactive during Aug and Sept with chasing this up or getting an alternative resolution, but I was dealing (kind of still is) dealing with being unfairly dismissed at work so this project couldn't be further away from my mind... Oh well...

    I shall keep you posted after the weekend, hopefully with a pic or 2 (keeping my fingers crossed!)

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An awkward situation with a frame builder

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