FS: Cliff Shrubb - Reynolds 708...Now SOLD!

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  • Good afternoon,

    I’d like to sell this rather attractive Cliff Shrubb road frameset. Shrubb was a highly reputed Croydon frame builder. This frameset is very nicely constructed in Reynolds 708 steel. It has marks to the paintwork, commensurate with age, but is straight, with no dings or dents. A very attractive seat cluster, I think. For 700c wheels. Comes with rather nice, but very sticky, Campagnolo HS and BB, which I don’t have tools to remove. Cinelli bb shell, stamped 0438.

    Seat tube: 51.5 c-c & 52.5 c-t
    Top tube: 53 c-c
    Rear spacing: 130mm
    I think it’s 27mm seat post size.

    I would like SOLD!!! for this. Collection in, or around West Norwood, SE London. Frankly, not keen to post.

    Many thanks.

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  • With a respray...this would make a lovely bike...Cliff Shrubb has an excellent reputation and 708 is a good tube...love the seatpost cluster...Be brilliant with a single chainset, 5 speed friction gearing....Campag Nuovo Record and Mavic GP4 rims, tubs and Brooks Pro saddle.

    My size but I would be toast if I bought it...GLWS.

    By the way are the dropouts Campagnolo?

  • Thanks for the input. This is indeed a rather nice frame, that I feel could build up into a lovely bike for someone. I’d be inclined not to respray, as I think, in the flesh, the colour’s pretty good, despite the marks. I would fear, too, that decals may be hard to come by?

    The dropouts aren’t marked.

  • Another 3 pictures:

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  • You can get Cliff Shrubb decals from H Lloyd.

  • Small Monday price drop of £5...

  • That is a very nice frame! And I see the seatstay cluster closely resembles that of the Cinelli Supercorsa. 708 was Reynolds's riposte to Columbus SLX — my Tom Board frame was built with that tubeset, dating this frame to the late 80s.

  • Thanks for the info. I hadn’t realised 708 was Reynolds’ riposte to SLX. Interesting. It is a pretty light frameset.

  • Surprised it has not yet been sold...it will make a lovely light and responsive bike.

  • Yes somebody please take it away. I have just used up my +1 allowance.

  • Thanks both for the positive words.

  • Another £5 Monday price drop...

  • £5 off again and it’s not even Monday. Reasonable offers (in money) also considered...

  • What is not to like...Cliff Shrubb....708.... beautiful seatpost cluster, Cinelli bottom bracket and it is £150.

  • ^ Thanks. And it gets even better than Mr. Vulcan’s kind words. It is actually now £145 ono!

  • If it were not for my partner...(her house and her rules)...I would have this.... perhaps it is the time of year...but leaving the bargain price aside...great frame builder and beautiful seat cluster and Reynolds 708 and a Cinelli BB ....now £145...come on someone buy it....don't think you will regret it.

  • Leon...Could be the size - not so many vertically challenged riders like you and me... :)

    I've got a full Sachs New Success 8 speed group (inc hubs) in a box...doing nothing...crying out for something like this, just not gonna be West Norwood way any time soon.

  • Simon...do it (both of us)...but you mainly....worth a visit to West Norwood.

  • I have the same set too! Cassette or screw on rear hub?

  • West Norwood is indeed worth a visit. We’ve got a B&Q an’ everthang! However @sswiss if postage could seal a deal, I could be persuaded :)

  • Have sent you a PM

  • Screw on rear currently spaced @ 126

  • Cassette 130 8 speed for mine, you got the brifters too?

  • Yes, hoods in great condition.

  • This is a beauty - a friend has asked me to build her a bike and this could fit the bill - I’ll drop her a line and get back to you


FS: Cliff Shrubb - Reynolds 708...Now SOLD!

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