• hi

    I've single speed that I'd like to convert to 3 speed using the Sturmey Archer 3 speed

    I see this ihb on a lot of bikes but it seems to get mixed reviews

    I'm guessing I'd just buy a wheel with the internal gearing fitted and figure out how to get the cables on neatly

    anybody done this please?

    any opinions, photos or articles worth reading worth reading would be appreciated


  • 3 speeds are fine for town and very low maintenance (I commute daily on a 1960s shopper, which still has the original hub and shifting is still sweet).

    how to get the cables on neatly

    Most old 3 speeds have band on cable routing and cable stops anyway, so you're not doing anything completely out of the ordinary. You can still get what you need as spares through (say) SJS Cycles, dependent on tube diameters, etc. SA cable bands are fine and functional. But you can get other brands that are prettier (e.g. Dia Compe ones are a bit more dainty - but you'll still want the SA stop for your chainstay). Obviously, you then need all the non-rotation washers, cable/adjusters/etc. also.

    Check your rear spacing works for your chosen hub, as respacing is a faff I personally can't be arsed with. Also a track bike conversion will need to be drilled for a rear brake, unless you use a coaster hub (in which case, you will need all the hardware to make that work too). Oh, and chainline...

    It's doable and it could be nice when finished. But if it were me, I'd just buy a cheap, old three speed, clean it up, gear it up/down as you like with whatever chainring on the front and go!

    Oh, and have a read of Sheldon anyway - just because: https://www.sheldonbrown.com/

  • thanks very much, I've a single speed I think I'd be able to get more use out of with an extra gear or three. this article below got me interested in the conversion


    it seems pretty simple, but it feels like I must be missing something?

  • it seems pretty simple

    Yes, it should be really (barring having to cold set your frame or drill for a brake). What frame are you using?

  • fuji track classic, I know, I'm attached to it though

  • Nowt wrong with those. Have borrowed/ridden. Didn't dislike.

  • lovely bike, I had thought it was a bit odd adding the 3 speed hub is all

  • Wouldn't argue - a bit new for me though. Assume drops and bar-end shifter?

    Get a BB that will allow for a bit of tuning of your chainline (or do the math on the spindle lengths, etc.) and it'll run sweet.

  • Thanks. How does the bb grant fine tuning?

  • Spacers for external bb or bb rings that can be screwed in more or less on both sides.

    I may be over-thinking this, however (definitely am & wish I’d not gone down this rabbit hole...). My shopper biek has an odd bb shell width and is a bit of an arse to sort out. You’ll be fine with the Fuji - just ask a friendly bike shop to recommend the correct bb spindle length to line up your chainring and the SA sprocket.

  • thanks very much (!) I am, as of last night, the proud owner of a steamroller frame so, I think I am going to build this up with the SA 3 speed

  • i have an old sturmey archer 3 speed fixed hub attached to a 27" wheel with cable and shifter if you are still trying to source the hub

  • If your interested I have a 5 speed laced up to a 700c rim probably open pro and comes with a thumb shifter both the hub and shifter are Sturmey Archer very newish condition £40 cheers k

  • Ngggghh! Always wanted to try that 3 speed fixed hub... must resist... (also knackered knees)

    OP has first dibs, obvs.

  • sounds great, I'm interested

    I think the setamroller has a wider than usual dropout (?) spacing

    is this an easy fix?

  • I’m assuming you want to run with gears if so it should be easy enough I have plenty of SA parts , you will need a fulcrum which I’ll have I’ll check if I have a cable stop cheers

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Sturmey archer 3 speed --> track bike conversion?

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