Genesis Fugio 853 "do-it-all" whatever thing

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  • I had been wanting an 853 frame to build into a decent all rounder for a while and one came up here in kind of ratty condition, someone had done a DIY spray paint to cover up the green part on the down-tube. This was perfect for me because I didn't feel too bad about getting it repainted, which is what I wanted.

    I have dropped it off at Clever Mike (big up) who are going to be sorting out dropping the frame off at the frame builders for the mudguard and possibly rack mounts (if they will fit) and then the powder coat for me, which is very kind of them. I didn't take a picture myself before it went but here is one from the advert.

    I have gone for RAAL 4007, Purple violet with a gloss lacquer. Been lusting over a purple frame for a while and I love the look of the CAAD12 purple frame. Should also match black components nicely. Ordered some 853 decals from Reynolds and also sent a long-shot email off to Genesis to ask if they have any old Fugio decals laying around, not expecting much there though. Guess I can at least get a Genesis badge from somewhere though.

    I have picked up some Hunt x Mason 4 season disc wheels from the forum in nice condition. Also wanted a fork with mudguard mounts and thru-axle to go with the wheels so I have purchased a TRP carbon CX fork, again from the forum, for almost half the price of a new one! Nice and light at 450g.


    I am a complete disc brake noob so I have decided to go mechanical at first, the idea of bleeding brake systems is somewhat at odds with the simplicity I like about bikes, at the moment anyway. Picked up some TRP spyres, from the forum of course!

    After some thinking, I have (pretty much) decided I want to go for a 1x system. I can fit a 10-42 rear cassette on my wheels with an XD freehub, and combined with a 42 or 46t front ring, should give me a decent range for pretty much everything. I have been riding fixed only for the last 4 or 5 years so I am not too concerned about being at exactly the right cadence at all times.

    Will post pics of the painted frame when I have it!

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  • sounds ace! looking forward to seeing the paint - i'm a big fan of the cannondale purple too.
    are you going to have the forks painted as well?

  • Not at the moment, having the frame powder coated so would be a different job to get forks done. I don't mind the look of black forks, maybe something to get done in future though if it was bugging me.

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  • Nice!

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  • subbed. I looked at one of these on ebay but it went too quickly.
    Some inspiration

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  • As said this sounds great, liking the fact you're recoating the frame but still trying to badge it up correctly. Much satisfaction.

  • okay ! i know for a fact this thread is due an update ! @oheyitsdrew

  • You’re right, you must have spied it in clever mike’s.

    I’ve just moved house and my life has been a bit manic recently, I haven’t even ridden it along the street yet! I will endeavour to get some pics taken and post an update

  • Actually haven't seen it, but i was talking paint so we talked about it. It's on instagram !

  • Any updates?

  • Yes! Reading @TM's thread reminded me I needed to update and I took the opportunity of a bit of sun this morning to take some very average photos.

    Very happy with the colour in the end, its bright enough but not too bright and it looks good with the tan walls of the tyres I think.

    I put some knackered old shimano pedals on it I had going spare, but I kind of like how the silver picks up the silver from the cranks, derailleur and calipers. Got some stainless steel cages from planetx but I may have a go at plasti-dipping them because I think they would look better in black. I think I will leave the spacers underneath the stem but I need the steerer cutting down a bit again. Was considering maybe getting some green spacers and a green seatpost collar to go with the green 853 sticker, also considered orange but not sure yet.

    I rode it to St Albans for its debut ride, it pissed it down for about an hour at the beginner which put a bit of a dampener on it, both literally and metaphorically but the bike was great, felt fast, comfy and I even took it off road a bit. First time I have ridden something made out of 853 tubing and it felt very stiff.

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  • Looks great! Don’t put anything green on it and leave the cages silver :)

  • I was thinking the same thing. Looks perfect as is, doesn't need any extra colour accents...

  • As above, looks great now!

  • +1 for keeping the cages silver, love the paint.

  • Props. Looks great

  • That looks grand. Plasti-dip would wear off the cages in a heartbeat, due to the friction from bottles. They look cool in silver anyway.

  • That looks the ticket.. I remember that for sale on here and had to stop myself..

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Genesis Fugio 853 "do-it-all" whatever thing

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