Bianchi Reparto Corse EV2 (fake)

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  • Starting this soon, it’s Only a paint job (genuine bianchi forks) on a low end Planet X frame, but it does look nice..a winter build!

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  • Paint job or not, that's really nice.

  • 105 groupset in black going on, looking for some cheap carbon bars/post to go on next... lots of inspiration online!

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  • Is it your paint-job? Seems like a lot of effort to go through for a P-X frame, but looks great.

  • Nooo it was owned by my brother, I’ve paid £120 for the frame which was cheaper than the paint job!

    Won’t feel too bad running it in the bad weather and the frame won’t crack either I hope!

  • Groupset :)

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  • Groupset :)

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  • Thrown some wheels on to check sizes...

    Looking out for a 27.2mm Carbon post, groupset will be slowly going on.

    Is it criminal not to have Celeste bar tape on a bianchi??

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  • No but it is criminal to have a Bianchi paintjob on a planet x frame

  • I had to convince my friend not to; I honestly thing its much nicer to have black tape and let the paint-job sing. The likelihood of the tape actually matching the paint is slim anyway

  • It’s a bit like having a Toyota MR2 and turning it into a Ferrari I suppose.. hopefully this one will look more like a Ferrari 😂

  • Good point... black ordered...

    Slow progress but some parts have been added! Black Zipp SL70 bars and an FS099 stem I had left from splitting a bike..

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  • Finally complete

    New 105 works amazingly well, feels so much better than Campag 10 speed on a gazelle I have.. the chain won’t drop no matter what abuse it gets

    Rides nicely and isn’t too heavy, it’s going to be used all weathers so I won’t be too upset when it starts to corrode like all ally frames seem to do eventually

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  • Interesting choice of frame/paintjob but nice result!
    Maybe put a sticker somewhere on the frame to claim it's genuinely fake :D

  • You Will have the last laugh. I might do the same .

  • Summer feeling like a distant memory 😎

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Bianchi Reparto Corse EV2 (fake)

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