For sale: Feather Cycles 853 road fixed (Dura-Ace, Nitto)

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  • no longer for sale here

    --> High-res pictures can be found here <--

    This is Ricky's 25th frame (going by the frame number) and the first he made with a bilaminate headtube (where the top tube and downtube are fillet brazed to an oversized headtube, then the "lug" shape is cut away and the inner headtube is brazed inside it). The technique is repeated at the seat "lug" area - the TT is fillet brazed onto it, as are the fastback stays. BB shell is fully fillet brazed. No rear brake boss or cable stops. Tubing is oversize 853 Pro Team. Thoroughly anti-rust coated inside.

    Seat tube is 56.5 ctc, top tube is 55.5 ctc. HT and ST angles are both 74°.

    The frame was made in late 2010 and I built it up in January 2011. All the parts were brand new (the brake levers were genuine NOS).

    BB and cranks are Dura-Ace 7710 (BB is the sealed version - I think I have an unused unsealed version that I will throw in if I can find it). Hubs are Dura-Ace 7710, rims are destickered Mavic CXP33, spokes are lightweight DT Swiss Revolution. I built the wheels myself (and I’m pretty proud of them tbh…).

    Tyres are 23mm Vittoria Evo Corsa CX - they are still the only tyres I've ever had on it, and they're barely worn, which should give you an indication of how few miles the bike has seen.

    Headset is Dura-Ace threaded. Stem is a Nitto Pearl 10. Bars are Nitto M106, 42cm. Levers are lovely NOS Dura-Ace 7402 (the version with a return spring - no rattling). Seatpost is Nitto S83. Saddle is a nearly-new Flite Ti reissue (I had a Zoncolan on it originally and then a Regal for a while). EAI superstar cog, ratio is 47/17. KMC Devil chain.

    Front brake is Ultegra SL (6600), before they changed the cable pull spec so it works perfectly with the 7400 levers (the colour matches pretty well too…).

    Paint is Audi Nimbus grey with a subtle pearl.

    Apart from a paint scratch in the top of the BB shell (from the spanner when I was installing the BB - I will get a photo of this ASAP) it’s immaculate. Never been wet. Never been locked up. Always stored indoors. It has been in storage (temperature controlled), unridden for the last five years, hence the excellent condition - all the parts are the originals, it’s not had so much as a new chain, tyres or bartape.

    It's fast, it's stiff, it’s smooth, the handling is a blast - I just don't use it these days (kids, old age, bad back, nowhere to keep it, etc.).

    no longer for sale here - listed on eBay

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  • Mmmm nice

  • Indeed very nice

  • Ooof! This is a classy thing.

  • Crumbs... That's lovely

  • Thanks all. Hope I can find it a good home.

  • Wooof

  • My word...

  • Well, it doesn't get better than that.

  • This is a 'piece' not a bicycle. Pretty cheap for a piece.

  • Lovely.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Ok - £2250, come at me.

  • Why don't you put some wide,swept back bars on this and ride it? Would be great fun, brings new life into the fixie. Plus it would save you the hassle of trying to sell it at the price you paid for it 9 years ago.

  • This^. You'll never sell it for this price on here (sorry)

  • I have other bikes and I’d prefer the cash.

    The market will decide what it’s worth, of course, I’d rather it went to someone here than ending up on eBay / gumtree but that’s where it will go if no forumenger wants it.

  • Seriously do not try to eBay this

  • Subbed

  • Naan bread

  • Samosa potato puff pastry

  • Lovely. Let me know if you end up splitting it as I’d happily give the wheels a home.

  • Cheers, will do, I’m not against splitting it as long as I can find a buyer for the frameset.

  • £2000 ovno.

  • It is. Or make me an offer and I'll pull it.


For sale: Feather Cycles 853 road fixed (Dura-Ace, Nitto)

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