NorthCape 4000 (NC4K)

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  • Here's the full email. It's a classic:

    Dear Friends,

    We are extremely happy to inform you that the Edition IV 2021, at which 180 riders will take part in, is confirmed.

    The result of the questionnaire we sent, where we had already amply indicated our position, confirmed that more than 75% of the participants intend to participate.

    The NorthCape4000, like few other things in the world capable of bringing real Happiness and Dreams into people's lives, is everyone's heritage that we will safeguard in every way. In our choice of whether or not to do the 2021 Edition IV, we have always kept in mind the hope and the light that such an event is capable of bringing into people's lives, especially after a terrible period like the one that affected us all.

    We are also 100% aware that in such a situation, inevitably, someone will be unhappy. It is inevitable and physiological, and is the direct consequence, and the burden to carry, for anyone who has the courage to make difficult decisions in extraordinary and uncertain moments. In fact, it is easier not to decide than to have the courage to do so. Postponing the edition would have been the easiest route to take.

    The anti-covid rules, with the European Green Pass, will allow all participants to take part in the edition with a reasonable safety margin, therefore, we repeat it to avoid doubts or misunderstandings, ours was not a choice regardless, but a decision made together with our contacts on the ground and supported by information released by official EU sources.

    After doing this, however, we followed our philosophy, which is that of positivity and optimism, but above all, remember, the one that underlies the very concept of Adventure. Finally, the most important step, we asked you if you were planning to participate.

    Some participants, to clarify what some of you are asking us in private, have become the protagonists of behaviors that are not only unacceptable in terms of respect and education, but also in terms of profile of legality. In an attempt to forcefully cancel the edition, a group of unknown persons blackmailed us by email.

    Being a solid organization with 15 years of adventure behind it, a crystalline behaviour and with extremely clear ideas, we have not followed up on any requests of an extortive nature, and material of a defamatory nature has been published by these individuals.

    We have already identified some of the perpetrators and we will shortly remove them from the event due to manifest incompatibility with the NorthCape4000, as soon as we have clear the complete picture of the event we will then take the appropriate measures for the protection not only of the event, but first of all to defend the endless work and the sacrifice we made to bring the event to this level.

    What happened is also the reason why at the moment, in the Facebook group, it is not possible to post content or comment. As soon as the situation is clear and the managers identified, the group will return to host the welcome contents of all of you and we will be able to share, once again, the adrenaline and emotion that the NorthCape4000 always carries with it.

    Although the attempt to block the demonstration with threats obviously left a bitter taste in our mouths, this episode in no way damages our spirit, nor our passion for this world.

    There remains for all of us, Participants and Staff, the very strong hope that this dark and difficult period will end as soon as possible, thus allowing us to recover one of the greatest things that each of us, human beings, has in their DNA: the ability to Dream Big.

    That's all, Dear Friends. Rovereto is close, our heart beats with enormous emotion and for those of you who have decided to jump aboard Edition IV, a Great, incredible Adventure awaits us, as always.

    NorthCape4000 Team

  • Actually, it looks like there isn't a quarentine for France any more, so I could maybe fly to Nice or somewhere and train across, and hope the French don't stamp my passport.

  • So, some shit talking on FB. Gee, I've never heard of that happening before. #deletefacebook

  • I'm liking your GBDuro idea :)

    I've still got a half-hatched plan to ride the GNT with the missus but with perhaps a taster doing the King Alfred Way loop first.

  • Is that true? A lot of UK based journalists are in France already ahead of the Tour as they need to quarantine.

  • I'm liking your GBDuro idea :)

    yeh i might do some or all of this. But more likely GNT

  • Depends if you are vaccinated.

    "Travellers who are not fully vaccinated will need to self-isolate for 7 days after arrival, then take another PCR test following this period of self-isolation.

    Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival."­/france/entry-requirements

  • That would be a great thing to do.

    I thought you were riding transiberica? Or is that off now?

  • Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting about that. I've been thinking about the National 12.
    Transiberica appear to have changed CP1 so all my route work is buggered now. :S

  • That's a shame.
    That's the problem with doing stuff in advance. Too risky

    Probably a sign of the experienced ultra rider, when, rather than panicking about a forthcoming event, you forget about it.

  • That’s good, hope you can work something out then.

  • That's the problem with doing stuff in advance. Too risky

    I knew there was a reason I always waited until the last minute.

    Probably a sign of the experienced ultra rider

    I've been far more nervous at the start of a 25mi TT than the last three TCRs I did.

  • Me too, but still looks tricky.

    France — Italy border isn't open yet but it may be in the next couple of weeks. Would then be a case of sneaking across and hoping to avoid getting picked up by the police as I'd basically be an illegal in Italy.

    If I could start, UK is on Slovenia's 'dark red' list, which doesn't sound good for my first border crossing, then then Hungary looks particularly tricky, they seem to be turning everyone back at their borders, even Germans.

    It would certainly add an element of excitement to the event.

  • Yes, start line, sure. But I'm more nervous a few weeks out for an ultra. Which usually manifests itself in panic buying off new kit that I mostly don't need and never use.

  • I think I mostly got over that when I started doing multiple events. Other than replacing worn stuff I didn't have enough time to panic buy anything in between :)

    Doing off-road stuff in the form of Badlands flipped that on its head again though.

  • Decided to delete

  • Suppressed by whom?
    This has already been posted with the name redacted. Might be worth editing with that in mind.

  • I won’t link but you can find it quite easily.
    Why do you think it’s being suppressed?

  • Because I can't find it publically and someone said so to me. Dm me

  • Oh I see it was here. Thats nor publicly is it

  • I think given the email it’s not being suppressed, almost the opposite and arguably shouldn’t have included the content it did.
    I think it also explains why it might not be broader news yet

  • I see that. But this was 24h ago. You think you'd want to make a public statement so others might not worry.

  • Ok on reflection suppressed was not correct. I just feel this informa should be public asap. To feel you can tell riders and it not thus public is mistaken.

  • Plus I'm angry people keep getting killed and that emotion overwhelmed me.

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NorthCape 4000 (NC4K)

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