Wanted: Surly Steamroller - size 59

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  • Hello, looking for a Steamroller in size 59 or a vintage track steel frame.

  • There’s a 62cm brown on the bay?

  • I have a black 59cm Steamroller that I'm thinking of selling if you are interested? I can post a few photos if you are.

  • I sure am! would be great to see the photos, thanks

  • Would love to see photos and details, if the Op end up being not interested

  • This is a quick photo I took this morning on the way out to work. I can take more this eve if needed.

    It is currently set up a bit randomly. I was in the process of stripping it and rebuilding it before deciding that it is a little too small for me and that I'd like something with a bit of colour. I've thrown on some random parts (not all available for sale) so you can have an idea of what it could look like.

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  • I'm open to selling it as a frameset (frame, fork, seat clamp, BB, and HS) for around £200 (does that seem fair?) or building it up a variety of ways depending on what you might need.

    I can probably do a full build with basic parts I have lying around for around £250. That would include:

    • frame, fork, seat clamp, BB, and HS
    • FSA crank (bolt heads have a little bit of rust so the bolts could do with replacing, in the picture)
    • velo solo chain ring (in the picture)
    • Miche long drop caliper brakes (F&R, in the picture)
    • Tektro levers (in the picture)
    • Giant bars (in the picture)
    • a choice of basic black or silver stems (holdsworth, deda zero, or no name black, none of which in the picture)
    • some seat post and saddle (need to check what I have in the shed)
    • a flip flop wheelset with SS freewheel (need to check the brand when I get home, but they run fine, not in the picture)

    I could maybe do some other builds if you are interested, just let me know what you are looking for. Off the top of my head I also have:

    • a surly fixed chain ring and tuggnut
    • a variety of other handle bars
    • BLB deep V rear wheel (fixed/free)
  • Looks great! Does it have any dings or anything worth knowing?

    I am actually after the frameset deal, and 200 seems fair.

    One thing though - I would need it posted to Lithuania. Would you be willing to do this? At my expense, of course.

  • I'm after frameset.

    Happy to collect

    Price is more than fair

  • I know there are a few cable rub marks, but haven't noticed anything else. I'll have a look at it in more detail tonight to check out if there is anything else worth knowing about and post some more photos.

    To be honest I'd prefer not to post. It is your thread @akurat so I want to give you first option, but pick up (N16 or Cambridge) might be easier. I'll have a think about it and get back to you.

  • You guys decide what you wanna do and let me know please

  • To keep you updated @broken_777, @akurat is going to try and work out a way of a friend of their's to pick it up. If it doesn't work out for some reason then I will let you know. I'll also update this thread if and when the final sale goes through. Sorry to keep you hanging.

    ... I do also have a 62cm cross check I was thinking of selling (also black, can be set up fixed, free, or with gears), let me know if you are interested.

  • Hello

    No need for Crosscheck ,thanks for the offer tho

    Let me know how that Steamroller goes , happy to collect with cash Asap if need be

  • I’ll keep you posted

  • @broken_777, I’m afraid @akurat bought this. Good luck in your hunt!

  • No worries!!! I assumed so but thanks for letting me know.

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Wanted: Surly Steamroller - size 59

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