Brompton S2L - Sold

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  • Think it's 2009. Bought from a guy who commuted on it a fair bit so it's seem some miles and needs some TLC. I've hardly touched it in the 2 years I've owned it. Sold

    Good bits:

    • Brooks saddle
    • Newer black mudguards
    • Tyres are in decent nick
    • Luggage block thing
    • Pentaclip

    I don’t know very much about Bromptons but this one appears to have a fair few problems:

Wont currently change gear.
    • Creaks a lot. Rear hinge needs replacing, possibly more things?
The seatpost clamp doesn't tighten enough so the saddle dips.
The seatpost collar doesn't tighten enough so you slowly sink as you ride.
    • Front hub may need a service?
    • Rear rim looks pretty worn out.
    • The forks/rear triangle/stem have been roughly resprayed black.

    Collection N8.

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  • price drop

  • I will take this off your hands if the price can drop a bit, PM if you want to make a quick easy sale.


Brompton S2L - Sold

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