Hi all,

    I have this lovely Cycles Bouvatier bike going spare.

    Size is 60cm, centre to centre, for both seat tube and top tube.
    Tubing is the delightful Columbus SLX New. Colour is Celeste Blue.
    The bike was owned by Jean-Luc Philippon, his name is still on the top tube (a very active cyclist organising local races, not famous unfortunately).

    How old is it? Based on the information I have, between 1993 and 1995.

    All BSA threads so no sweat for future upgrades.

    The frame is from a (now defunct) french "vélociste" called Bouvatier Cycles in Malaunay BOUVATIER CYCLES, which started in 1982 and closed in 2001. Address was 48 Cite Clair Soleil - 76770 Malaunay
    I can't say if it was built in house or imported from Italy like many were at the time.
    Branding shows as CBouvatier or C Bouvatier if you look online.

    • Made/ordered by Cycles Bouvatier in France, near Rouen in Normandy. Looks fillet brazed
    • Dura-Ace threaded headset
    • 3ttt bars & stem
    • Sachs New Success gearset 2x7 speed with brifters
    • Shimano RX100 brakes & 1055 chainset
    • Wheels are visually paired clinchers but mismatched - Dura Ace first generation rear hub and Campagnolo front. Maillard freewheel
    • New Schwalbe Lugano gumwall tyres in 700c x 25mm
    • New bar tape and cables
    • Pedals will be fitted but not the Look Keo one that are on the photo.

    The only thing that lets it down is the seatpost bolt which is not the correct one.
    I also have a silver 27.2mm seatpost which I will swap or include in the sale.

    I am after £300 for the full bike. - SOLD FOR £250

    Test rides from The City!




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  • That's V COOL!

  • Thank you @johnnettles2!

    It is an unusual colour on a lovely frame.

    Test rides welcome from The City.

    As I have no heart, I am also happy to split...

  • Oof! 👌 thankfully too big... GLWS

  • Special bike, fork crown is very unique and that new success kit is worth a fair bit.

  • fork crown is very unique

    The fact they can accommodate a 25c is unusual, but the design itself is very common for EL and Brain forks of that era.

  • As @Lolo has pointed out - the fork might not be in SLX New steel. They have no sticker so I can't say unfortunately. They will not fit 28mm tyres.

    @wintyDono That New Success kit was the very last Sachs groupset developed with Campagnolo.
    SRAM killed the brand when they bought it (one way to cut competition!).
    In terms of value, it is really worth what people want to pay for it - checked on eBay and about £150 for the mini gruppo seems to be the ballpark.

    EDIT: I know @Lolo is not having a dig - it is good to have additional info!

  • Just so we're clear I was not having a dig at the forks or their design. My own late 90s Brain frameset has a similar crown and they're good forks.

  • I know that you are not having a dig @Lolo - glad to have more info for a potential buyer.

    I am happy to split this bike if someone is interested in frame/forks/headset.

  • You're underselling it saying Jean-Luc "la Terreur de Malaunay" Philippon is not famous. I for one would never forget that sprint against Jules Petitbidon (after dropping Marcel Flageolet in the breakaway) at the 1995 kermesse de Houppeville.

  • The bike will now come with an additional silver seatpost and brown classic saddle.

    I have a selection of seatpost fasteners which I need to try on (bike is kept at work and tools are at home).


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  • Silver seatpost now fitted.

    Thank you @Dammit via @pastry_bot

    Test rides welcome, the bike is kept indoors at my work in the City.

    I am in the process of looking for a good seatpost clamp/binder so chances are that'll have something visually pleasing & technically appropriate next week.



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  • Hey @Vince - I'm keen for a test ride, sometime next week?
    I'm not familiar with sachs - Is the gear set a good one?

  • Thank you for the interest @Joe_Venn - I will PM you.


    The Sachs 7 speed groupset was a joint venture with Campagnolo so if you like Campag from that era, you'll like this too! It is precise and works well. And works well with all makes of 7 speed freewheels or cassettes and chains.
    More reading here about Sachs' history:


1994 Cycles Bouvatier Bike // Columbus SLX New 60cm frame in Celeste Blue // 2x7 Sachs New Success Mini Group // Serviced with new parts // SOLD

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