Gazelle TVM Build...

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  • Starting this off shortly

    130mm spacing means I can use modern groupset so considering either a new 105 build or stripping another steel framed bike (Sarto) and taking the veloce groupset off...

    Have a set of Mavic SLR’s to go on it, or maybe some lower profile shamals...

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  • Always love seeing these frames

  • Very nice, not seen it in the flesh but the new 105 R7000 in silver looks like a really good candidate for a neo-retro build

  • Sub’d! DA9000 gets my vote... 👍🏻👍🏻

  • The DA9000 is lovely, although a bit high end! 105 is more realistic, although I have the Sarto I could strip to get the veloce option.... see the photo, it could be harsh splitting it up?

    When I know the group I’ll get the headset sorted then it will begin!!

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  • There’s also some 10 speed record (including square taper crank but chorus brakes/shifters) up in the loft so that could be more suitable 🤔

  • Campagnolo Record/ chorus + lovely frameset. I think gazelles are fab frames.

  • TVM team bikes ran dura ace, there’s a DA Di2 group on here for £500 - that’s less than new 105... put a DA9000 group together then move it around different frames if required - putting 105 on this means it’s a weekend novelty bike :(

  • That does look good value, although a little more than I wanted to chuck at the minute!!

    Tempted by some dura ace 7800 though­­%2F183839649865

  • I rang mine with DA7400 which was spot on. DA7700 would be ace ;-)

  • Using DA7400 on a Peugeot Perthus which feels surprisingly nice, will be going 10 speed to suit other bits and bikes I already have....

    Is this your old one?

    So I have made the order for a record threaded headset to start it off... now comes the choice of black record or the silver veloce...

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  • Black record

  • Tempted by some dura ace 7800 though

    Personally think 7800 hubs and cranks are the best looking of the 'modern' era (modern being hollowtech and ten speed)

    Have this on my 1996 basso for a compromise between high end + light and not too ugly

  • Can any ex TVM owners confirm what thread the BB is on these frames? Looking like a french width...

    Could end up with modern wheels on, a set of shamals can be free’d up to fit I’m thinking

  • English bb’s on gazelles...

  • Thank you... I meant Italian up there, as it was 69mm ish... chorus bb sorted

  • This was mine and then JoeC's .. That's his pic.

  • OHHHH sooo jealous

    I have been lusting after these frames for some time.

    I have a 7400 and 7900 groupo ready to do - am leaning towards 7900 as already have three other rigs with 7400 currently.

    Please share your pics when complete - the DA 9000 you mention would be my i reckon a predominantly black groupo would look better then silver.
    Bar tape, cables and saddle... black black black. was thinking white tape, cables and black saddle initially ... but saw an image and kyboshed that idea.


    PS - thanks for the link to to the complete bike for sale - too rich for me / i am looking to spend GBP 250 max on Frame & fork

  • Yes agree mainly black parts/gruppo will be nice...record 10 is looking most likely... slow progress here, got record downtube adjusters and a used chorus BB to go in

    Got to get hold of stem/bars/seatpost still

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  • Miss that bike. Seat tube cracked on Kensington high street, I did a cry

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  • How on earth did you get it to crack there? Can’t imagine too many watts going down there!

  • Verrrry slow progress but trying to stretch out the satisfaction!!

    New rear dropout adjusters (1x M3 Dropout Adjuter Screws Inc Spring - M3 x 30mm for £3.99 each from Velo vitality) to make it fresh

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  • Crank...

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  • Ooh yes. Like the way this going...

  • Sapphire Cosworth?

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Gazelle TVM Build...

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