• Cheers man, and hope the day goes well! Looking forward to April…

  • Hahah maybe cos I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but you did say that you were ‘in’ 22 days ago! Next time!

    And cheers to the forum heads who came out today, had 12 people turn up thanks to using instagram to get the word out as well, was good vibes , lots of hill, fair amount of mud, good crew!

  • Sums it up really. Will post some proper pics tomorrow probably. Cheers @ojwithbits for leading a great ride! Nice route and nicer riders.

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  • but you did say that you were ‘in’ 22 days ago!

    what an idiot i am! count on me to double book next time as well ;) glad we all had a good ride. lets see some snaps please

  • I’ve got a few, @exteroceptive was on the cam and had a few good ones I reckon

    First pic the hidden gem wood behind a KFC in Croydon

    Second the only mechanical of the ride just a couple KM from the Blythe pub finishing point

    Third at the top of the that lovely lovely long ol climb up through the paragliding valley

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  • Sorry I'm doing a bad job of sorting my photos, here is a few.

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  • nice photos! thanks for sharing.

    i had a flat after the pub and just about made to nipnip in tower bridge before it closed for more air to ride home.

  • Great pics, knitwear challenge accepted!

  • awesome. Thought I saw a few people riding up Forest Hill road with suitable bikes who were heading to this (I was taking the cat to the vet for the beginning of a weekend of Shit News, in the other direction). Maybe on another ride...

  • Was gonna ask if it was you lot i bumped into along the Waterlink on Saturday morning around 9.30am but looking at that picture by the bridge that's literally the spot everyone passed me (walking with dog).

    Either way looked like a great ride and whichever fat tyred mob did pass me slowed down and gave the mutt plenty of space so good times all round.

  • Just signed up to Instagram to follow off-world. Arrrghh.

    I’ve been mulling something out in Oxfordshire to mark the 40th anniversary (Saturday 29th July) of the release of Virginia Astley’s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure.
    For me, I’d like to try to find the sources of the FX used on the tracks (church bells, a squeaky gate, &c) which were gathered around South Stoke, Moulsford, Goring, Streatley. I may nibble at it before then- a big circle out there and back /or/ combine with some other trails from a train journey out of London.

  • Apologies. You can be an influencer if you really put your mind to it - the sky is the limit.

  • looks awesome

  • Harder than it looks! I keep forgetting to photograph my food : /

  • Never knew that about Virginia Astley

  • that’s pretty much everything I do know about her.

    Except: squeaky gates = canti brakes. #makeuthink

  • Well it’s made my journey home through all those places much more interesting now :)

  • I’m planning a gravel ride to the lovely (named) town of Brandon, as it shares my irl name and I thought it would be funny to cycle 100 miles to take a photo in front of the town sign. That and I’ve really gotta start doing some longer gravel day rides before summer is here.

    The route looks like this
    I’ve made it by piecing komoot highlights together as I don’t know much about the riding there. If anyone has any suggestions on places I should stop or ride through on the way, let me know

  • I have no fitness and my lungs are squashed but I could join for some of that … maybe I’d rendezvous at Hoddesdon and see where I get to.

    Requirement for this thread should now be everyone has to change their name by deed poll to the destination OTHERWISE WHAT IS THE POINT?

    I’d also thought about a noodle around the ex-airbases around Cambs - lots of childhood memories of being shunted around in a mint green mk2 Escort, by my grandad who had even less conversation than I do and no clue how to entertain a 9 year old. Waterbeach, Mildenhall, Alconbury, Wattisham…

  • Hahah well when I decide on a date I’ll share it here and maybe it could be an open invite thing. Given the vanity of the ride to an otherwise pretty vanilla destination, I never thought anyone would be interested.

    That ride sounds fun, I’ve never ridden around up there, would be good exploring. I know from the ride I put on a couple weeks ago that there’s some definite interest around doing an off-road ride to Cambridge (and maybe back again…) between some forum and off-forum people. The shtik with the rides I’m organising monthly is that I’d like them to either start or end in SE London, so under that banner they’ll probably only ever be trains in one direction, not both. Maybe that will change though… probably…definitely .

    Which brings me on to deciding what the route for the next ride on the 9th April is going to be. Options include:

    1. Brockley to Brighton via Stayer Cycles route (or a variation of)
    2. @Alex_B (I think) suggested some variation on the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury. Maybe they can elaborate here?
    3. Another local loop

    Any other suggestions welcome

  • All of the above are good for me. The only wrinkle in the Brighton run is working out the logistics of my current work/life situation, but that’s for me to negotiate.

    Stayer includes the Downs Link, I think? I’ve got bad memories of doing it south-to-north last autumn and it being a couple of hours video loop of path/trees/cockerpoo. There’s not much drama. [Edit to remind myself I was also toting way too much luggage - work/life things]

    An alternate take on long/flats is to do Three Bridges and the old trackbeds out to East Grinstead and down to Eastbourne. [edited to add a komoot link [edited to remove negatroidery about Eastbourne]]


  • Stayer one is actually kinda the alternative to the downs link, it’s here

    It’s more twisty and turny and less flat, which makes a good alternative from the downs link way, well I’ve never done it but it seems like a fun route. But does have more road which isn’t as fun.

    That Three Bridges route sounds fun though, definitely need to check that out sometime

  • OKAY. I am 100% keen on that Stayer route, but will turn up for either one, out to Kent, down to Sussex. All good!

  • I voted on the Brighton route but then realised it was Easter Sunday. Booo

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Rough Stuff rides for LFGSS folk, join regular rides that avoid tarmac

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