• Good to meet you.

  • pictures please.

  • Few here. Excellent ride, broadly speaking. Levels of mud made things a bit tasty in places, particularly for @Skülly. Seen here carry his bike after the rear wheel stopped rotating.

    Much muttering about widening spacing and a puncture later and things were sorted.

    Decision to sack off muddy fields in the second half of the ride was the correct one.

    Worzel Gummidge wheel made an appearance.

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  • That was a lot of fun folks. Thanks for the route and for the company.

  • Ace.
    Sküllykins with the RSF holy tetraptych:

    The Worzel Gummidge wheel is joyous.

  • We forgot to photograph lifting bikes over kissing gates.

  • A few more photos

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  • Or the state of the table at the pub at the end of the ride.

  • Likewise! @PeteJChurchill @Alex_B Enjoyable trip y'all... thanks for the route, company and the badly-needed tow in the last miles. I'll post some pics when I've fathom'd Dropbox's horrible image handling (it's me, not it) : )

  • Some lovely pics^^ I pretend I like to stay in the moment, actually I just found it hard to stop cycling and faff about with my stupid phone case thing.

    @vilms5000 Just try uploading here… small versions work better. Sometimes they go in sideways off my phone when I select medium or large compressed versions, I recrop them a tiny bit then it seems to work.

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  • @PeteJChurchill had no idea you photoed the ford! Good onyer

  • Too good not to! Sort of hoped to get you falling off...

  • Right then what's next! We need to do one soon and pray for snow...

  • Planning on doing one on a Pedersen bicycle next time. Just need some knobblies.

  • Keen if South

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Rough Stuff rides for LFGSS folk, join regular rides that avoid tarmac

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