• edited for brevity and route change

    with some wiggling along old trackbeds there and back.

  • @Alex_B - Shoreham loop on Saturday 25th? I have to drop my girlfriend off in Hove sometime between 9-10am so if the weather isn't totally shit I'm up for it!

  • Ok. I'll see what is planned at home for the weekend and if I get the all clear I'll go for it! I'll let you know mid-week.

  • @ElGonzo now I'm home, I have something planned for the 25th, so no chance I'm afraid.

  • No worries. Anyone else keen on Shoreham loop this Saturday? It's been reasonably dry lately and at the moment it looks like it'll be nice on the day.

  • It looks as though it would be glorious!

  • I’m a maybe … just had a two nighter up north on towpaths & road, consequently other arf might be a bit funny about me pissing off all day. Will confirm last minute.

    @Alex_B I’m sure the reccy won’t have been crucial to a successful ride. Dorking and Swimming worked out beautifully!

  • Definitely bailing on Saturday. Hope you have a lovely time!

    If anyone fancies doing about half of SDW, E>W, tomorrow, give me a shout. Getting a train about 9
    11 loads cheaper

    Going to do just Eastbourne to Hove, go for an evening swim and see a buddy, maybe get a lil drunk and train home.

  • No worries, I'm gonna go for it. Setting off at 9:30 with a mate who lives locally, will be a fairly sedate pace. If anyone decides to do it last minute just give me a shout, the more the merrier!

  • Would love to join the Shoreham ride but time constraints for Saturday don’t allow.

    Going to head over to Addington Hill though later morning if anyone wants to tag along.

    “Slightly impromptu, but if anyone wants to join me this Saturday for a nice ramble from Peckham to Addington view point you’re more than welcome. Party paced all bikes welcome, 26ers recommend for the terrain at Addington. Will be joining as many parks and cycle ways for the route.

    Leaving around 11 return for around 2 if anyone wants to join.”

    https://strava.app.link/RQzqjRVFMjb Rough idea of the route

  • @ElGonzo if it's anything like my normal rides you'll end up covered in scratches, mud and buzzing from head to foot from stinging nettles. Enjoy!

  • Mate... At the black rabbit in Arundel, stung and scratched to fuck! Also it's dewey and drizzly so the limestone/clay sections are like ice. Took a hard tumble about 12k in on a descent, quite deep cut to knee but it stopped bleeding pretty quickly. Might have to DNF here as we're tight for time and need to get back to Worthing. Lovely route so far though, one particularly narrow and thorny section where you double back just past Cissbury Ring was where most of the scratches were picked up!

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Rough Stuff rides for LFGSS folk, join regular rides that avoid tarmac

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