• Ok, well how about the weekend of 18th/19th September? Fairly advanced, but that's when I could next do. Feel free to do it without me sooner if there's a burning desire for northern riding, though.

    There's a little no through road bit just off Gordon Road a couple of hundred metres along from the start of the route that we could meet at. I'm not one for silly o'clock starts, how does 8:30/9am sound?

    Route file here: https://microco.sm/out/45Hxi

    General description - take what I've found to be the most pleasant route out of North London avoiding horseshit bridge, then a pleasant undulating ride through Little Berkhamstead, before some premium gravel in Broxbourne Woods and a turn north to head up and well away from the Big Smoke. From there things get wilder with at least one ford, some gates to manoeuvre over/around and on into the quiet lanes and countryside of Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Roman roads abound, not too much in the way of bastard hills, although I have deliberately included one less bastard-y one as it was rather nice and had a good long descent the other side, views of Duxford and then a quiet wind into Cambridge.

    Lunch stop - recommend The Brewery Tap in Furneux Pelham. Big garden, plenty of bikes there when I stopped by, friendly staff and good grub. (Strongly recommend not going down The Street from there. Absolutely destroyed by green laners. I got about 200m down it and met two guys on motocross bikes who had given up after the water reached their mid-thigh.)

    Ending in Cambridge pub (TBC). Recommendations welcome. The route does actually end at the station, but can be amended easily once we know of a pub.

    I'm no cat racer, so I did it in about 5.5 hours riding time/7 hours all told. Mix of surfaces was probably 15% gravel / 55% off road & farm tracks / 30% nice quiet roads. Don't remember there being any unpleasant busy roads.

  • Well, sorry for the radio silence! That sounds LOVELY. I have particularly good associations with forum rides to Cambridge.

    Unfortunately, I can't make that weekend, I'm in the Proper North hopefully, doing something with Clarion and going raving.

    However I urge you to keep bumping the ride, start a list... Will get interest going in both the pending rides.

    Thanks! I look forward to doing this route at some point.

  • Agree with what @Skülly said, well up for a nice ride to Cambridge but also unfortunately busy that weekend :(

  • Cambs: Also keen/also can’t (a birthday that must not be missed!).

  • Let's find another weekend more people can do. I had plans to attempt an audax on the Saturday anyway, so can give that a go instead.

    How about 9th/10th or 16th/17th October? Hopefully before things get too saucy.

  • Soz went quiet, been on a little tandem tour and more non-cycling holiday.

    Thanks for suggesting new dates Pete. Happy with either weekend at the mo. If there’s a lot of wet weather in the preceding weeks maybe we can alternate the route with some road sections.

  • You fancy trying to fix a date for a Shoreham thing before Pete’s Cambridge ride? Then I reckon we’d start to average one a month… which would be nice.

  • I’m probably good for most w/e except 18/19 Sept btw

  • Shoreham ride would be great!

  • I'd love to grab that gpx, but I'm not on komoot, any chance you could send it?

  • Yup. Sounds good. Sure it could be adjusted to be mostly/all road.

    Tandem tour sounds fun. Where abouts?

  • yeah perfect thanks

  • Hi all, yes, I'll work up the Shoreham route, trying to not just blast down the Downslink would be nice! I found myself on it last weekend on a ride across to the South Downs, I'd forgotten that you cross the river at Shoreham!

  • East Anglia. Was idyllic.

  • OK, so how do folks fancy 40miles or so rambling around the South Downs, starting and ending at Shoreham, but taking in Chanctonbury Ring and Cissbury ring, but going via Arundel for a mid-way stop?
    Trains to Shoreham are relatively cheap (less than £20 return)
    Rough route here: https://cycle.travel/map/journey/259200
    This contains sections from two routes that I really like.

  • Alex, this sounds pretty cool. The Chanctonbury/Cissbury Rings bit I know well.

    SDW is grim if wet, but I’ve camped on Chanctonbury in February and it was glorious, and in June and we got a proper soaking.

    Pick a date!

  • Well, I'm aiming to just recce it on Saturday, but then maybe the w/e of the 25th of September. Like you, I think SDW in any kind of wet weather is pretty scary.

    If anyone wants to come on a recce ride, or just go for it this Saturday, let me know.

  • I've been burnt more than once by the SDW, but I could definitely be tempted. Planning to be out that way weekend of 25th, but probably doing a chunk of the Downs Overnighter.

    Other rides wise, I'm still up for a ride to Cambridge one of those weekends in October. I could probably do the first weekend in October too, now.

  • The Cambridge ride sounds great and I'd be up for that as well.

  • Would love to come along to the Cambridge ride too!

  • Well, I set out to recce the Shoreham loop ride yesterday, but was completely prevented by the fact that someone had jumped in front of a train somewhere en route so all the trains were cancelled. Then my rear tyre spring a leak through the sidewall which turned out to be a tear which could not be fixed. So I ended up spending most of the day trying to install a new tyre and getting it set up tubeless. Total fail there, so it's got a tube in it and I'll try again mid-week as I have some time off booked.

    Shame as the route combines two lovely areas and the weather was shaping up to be really great.

  • Sat 25th I’m committed to a London/Herts/Beds loop (using the greenways where available) with a mate who has been training for it! Shoreham loop another time for me.

  • That sound like my kinda thing. Care to share route details?

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Rough Stuff rides for LFGSS folk, join regular rides that avoid tarmac

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