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  • You make a lovely point. On my own, Absolutely! With others, some of whom I don’t know? Not so sure.

  • Thanks. I like Guru, can put it in there.

  • Could always see if parts of your route overlap and do a mixture?

  • I have a feeling mine might be quite a long one. I’ll figure out how to ‘map’ it with something like komoot and see. I’ll sort it for Ride no 2

  • Go straight here. The official name of this section is 'amey shits his pants'. Its good fun.

    Nettle will burn.

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  • Elmers end lads should ride by the beck

    As @pastry_bot once said no ride = no chat so I will swiftly exit this thread out of jealousy

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  • Lads? Is this a boys' ride? hope not.

  • Thanks for tips though

  • To clarify the meeting points:
    Anyone can start at Norwood, also a meet spot at the corner of Long Lane and Bywood Avenue about 07:15, if the riders wouldn't mind picking us up there. I never go to Norwood as a matter of princicpal (kidding).

  • Sounds like a plan.

    I’m happy to meet at Norbury and ride on to long lane from there.

    @Alex_B you okay to meet at the station?

  • Great.

  • Onto the more important things, we going to be making coffee and having lunch half way through?

  • I will be bringing a stove probably, or a large flask of tea.

  • I’ve just made myself a small meths stove so will bring that along as well! Should be a bloody good day out.

  • Yes, that's my usual start point/meetup point.
    Just to be clear, there are two entrances to the station, we'll meet on the car park side closer to the park.

    @Amey, I always get lost in the woods on the way down to Kent Gate, so expect some random variant to the route at this point! And yes, the sharp right turn in wet weather is "challenging"!
    @Qebrus where's point 7? Is this the Long Lane/Bywood Avenue meet up point?
    Where are most of you coming from? I'm based in Streatham.

  • Sorry yes the Long Lane meet up point! I’ll get to the station a tad earlier then just so I can get to the right place.

  • Yep, Long Lane / Bywood Ave.

  • Gravely Hill is a good place to stop for a break. Great views and it's a wide open expanse of grass.

  • Hah, great name. But we should re-dub it 'Roughstuffy Hill'.

  • @ Scrabble.

    The app that you mentioned in post #128 is priced in $.

    Does this function correctly in the UK? You mentioned OS maps.

    Its not clear from the notes in

    Don't want to spend if its of no use in these fair isles!

  • I rode the route today to test it with a friend. He'd never ridden it before and it got a definite stamp of approval.

  • That’s great to hear, proper looking forward to it now!

  • This is the most epic sounding, most hidden ride that I've never found before.

    Skulls, why didn't you give me a heads up?

    In-the-fuck-in like mother fucking Flynn!

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Rough Stuff Fellowship LFGSS / RSF brigade

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