• So.

    The RSF archive book’s about to drop in our laps, by our very own ancient forum people @TheBonk @mxl ?(Max what’s your tag these days?)

    I know there’s plenty of bikepacking going down around here and more generally, who’s up for aligning some forum rides with the Rough Stuff Fellowship? I just joined, seems like there’s plenty of scope for putting rides together here for those who like riding byways, bridlepaths and the ways less travelled, with open invite to members of the RSF not previously on here.

    Anybody else a member/would consider getting a genuine branch going on here? Teenslain could be our talismanic figure...

    ... I never go for a walk without my bike.

    I just got back from two nights out on the South Downs Way with a buddy. It was mmmmmarvellous.

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  • Unlocked, oops dunno why that happened. Thanks @SideshowBob.

    @TheBonk Hiya. What news of the rsf book?

  • @Skülly you know I'm down.

    Nothing I like more than a walk with a bike.

  • Yes thank you @maxl!

  • It’d be good to share routes here too... I figure you have plenty under your belt J?

  • Ah @maxl that obvious tag eluded me cheers @fussballclub

  • Is this like the Freemasons but with less nepotism and more deviance?

  • Totes.

  • Plenty. Mainly on komoot. Will share when in front of a comp.

  • Count me in.

  • @amey just so he can bail on rides.

  • @7Üp is worthy

  • I start with @Fox.

  • Why carry your bike to Everest when you got Epping?

  • @maxl is doing a talk on the RSF archive book at the Herne Hill Velofete on Sunday. He's on at 6 pm I believe.

  • Interested in any rides which might be out west direction, or anywhere really if I/we can get to them

  • @maxl is doing a talk on the RSF archive book at the Herne Hill Velofete on Sunday. He's on at 6 pm I believe.

    Thanks Andy! I’d half retained that info. Hope to be there.

  • We took delivery of most of the books yesterday, the rest, including the special edition are arriving tomorrow. The Kickstarter and subsequent orders are being posted this week and the beginning of next. Yours and the other pannier orders should hopefully be posted on Mon/Tues.

    For those interested the book and prints are available here-

  • Card carrying member here, and looking forward to my copy of the book arriving.

  • I’m a member!

  • Great stuff Mark. Good luck with all the mailouts and stuff. I kind of knew that it was imminent, just want to get the book talked about here ;) And the badass bikepacking bags specially remade by Carradice ... will you stick a pic of those up here when you can find time?

    Whose coming to Hernia Hill this weekend to give Max our support?

  • Here ya go, Chuck.

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  • I’m a member

    Book is on the way and I’m trying for an RSF ‘feel’ the Railway Touring Club thread rides thingy

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Rough Stuff rides for LFGSS folk, join regular rides that avoid tarmac

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly