The Royal Parks Movement Strategy (closes today - 14 July)

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  • But it's not though is it?

    Of course not. hippy never gives up. :)


  • Weekend bump for anyone who has missed, 2 more weeks to complete.

    I'm personally liking the idea of splitting the park up for motor vehicles. 1 entrance corresponds to 1 car park. It would even be cheap to trial with cones/bollards and I'm sure a clever method could be created that allows staff/emergency services and bikes to pass through safely.

    I feel like every other day a rat runner impatiently tries to pass me at stupid point
    and forces some very assertive riding.

  • Spent hours* on this, the red lines are car fee. They could even re-open Robin Hood gate to have 4 zones.

    *3 minutes

  • The overarching summary results of the questionnaire have been published.­ets/pdf_file/0015/110940/SUMMARY-REPORT-­FINAL-1.pdf

    Unsurprisingly, drivers were the most negative to change.

  • IIRC poorer people actually drive more in London than rich ones, but I don't have a source for that.

    Richer people can afford to live closer to the places they work and frequent.

  • Rich people don't drive they are driven

  • I mean, they do have the best deal at the moment. The only thing that could improve their situation is banning cyclists and opening the gates 24/7 but you get the idea that's not on the table.

    Took them a while to summarise 4 indication of the timing for any recommendations... bureaucracy at its finest.

  • I'm fairly sure they first published this with a timeline stating implementation from January!

  • Could someone TL;DR the report please?

  • Could someone TL;DR the report please?

    Drivers are selfish cunts

  • Just install bollards that cyclists or smaller vehicles (mopeds, scooters, motorbikes) can zip through, but cars just can’t. Sort of how Hammersmith bridge is at the moment (currently you have to dismount to get on it...)

    Keep the car parks free and accessible, but free up the roads at the same time.

  • Personally I would like to see an implementation of a 'toll' in which drivers pay to get in with perhaps a peak and off-peak charge of say £3 and £1. Tracked by cameras at each gate reading number plates. Season tickets available etc. It's not the biggest change but at least the park could make some revenue from the sheer number of cars that use it and this money could be re-invested in making it more pedestrian/cyclist friendly and working on the infrastucture within the park that causes the jams in the morning.

    Obviously the real dream would be ban cars altogether but its just not practical. Plus i think there is some historic precedent with Richmond Park about it being public right of way etc so not sure what legal challenges can be put against any form of restrictions on motor vehicles.

    At the very least i would love to see a thorough study of pollution levels throughout the park at various times of day. Super easy to implement with pollution reader machines (very technical language i know) at each other gates/mini roundabouts just off the gates. Think that would paint enough of a bleak picture to get some kind of action going.

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The Royal Parks Movement Strategy (closes today - 14 July)

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