The Royal Parks Movement Strategy (consultation open)

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  • There is something in this train of thinking. If you remove all the cars, you suddenly have some of the best roads in London to learn to ride bikes, learn to skateboard, learn to roller blade etc etc.

    For a while, when cyclists were also banned from Richmond Park at peak lockdown it was idyllic to go skateboarding with my eldest in the evening. The descent from Pembroke lodge to Ham gate is just great fun and she learnt to carve her penny board there.

    The issue is, if you ban cars, you need to decide on what terms the ring of tarmac can be used and there will be some who suggest experienced road cyclists averaging near 20mph is not the ideal. There is no doubt in my mind that if you ban cars but keep all other rules the same, there will be a lot of riders out for fast laps. That's great, but it does mean others who may like to use that tarmac could feel marginalised.

    Not sure what the right answers are, but the concern is genuine. There are some clash points with peds too. The cycle permitted path through the middle, and the crossings particularly by the top Broomfield Hill and Pembroke lodge can be kinda manic at peak times.

  • I see your point. However, I don’t think all cars should be banned from the park, just the elimination of through traffic. IMO, people should be able to drive to the nearest car park and back out of the same gate. I don’t think that even with this (significant) reduction in traffic-volume playing in the road would be a good idea.

    In the Netherlands they have marked rollerblade routes around the suburbs! Cyclists are allowed to use them too but the pace is slow and you get people of all ages. You don’t see large groups of fast riders because there are heaps of other places they can go. Many of these shared-space problems in the UK are due to how limited the space that we have to cycle / walk / skate / etc is.

    Edit: yeah, through motor traffic

  • Many of the problem in the UK are due to conflicts

    Hmm i dont see you posting this with Union Jack draped over you.

  • It’s so depressing; a climate emergency and a debate on through traffic in a park... 🤷 I think I need to go ride my bike to relax and get it out of my head. 😂

  • there was free parking in those parks?!

    Next up: amey learns about the birds and the bees. :)

  • I don’t think all cars should be banned from the park

    You *can't* ban all cars from the park. There are houses in the park and people will drive to access their houses. Park staff need to use their cars there. There are people with mobility difficulties who will need cars to access certain points in the park.

    just the elimination of through traffic

    'Through motor traffic'--yes, I agree that that would bring the biggest benefit, but it's not only through motor traffic--remember that the circular roads in parks are the old carriage drives, where the well-heeled would take their carriages on a Sunday after church before alighting in a delightful spot for a picnic, etc. In theory, the same is conceivable today, that people might want to drive their cars around a circuit of the park and exit again by the same exit. That would technically not be through motor traffic, but still not desirable (and few would want to bring back horse-drawn carriages, or you'd end up with horseshit all over the place again). It's a small point in itself, but the wider point is that managing a large public space in huge demand and with private elements inside it isn't that easy.

    It's to be welcomed that after years of inaction there seems to be some willingness on the part of the Royal Parks to introduce significant and lasting change, but you can guarantee that progress won't be fast or completely straightforward.

  • people might want to drive their cars around a circuit of the park and exit again by the same exit.

    It never occurred to me that people would want to do this... thanks, now I feel a bit sad!

  • You're too good for this world. And have you heard about the birds and the bees? :)

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The Royal Parks Movement Strategy (consultation open)

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